Who Should Play What, If FRIENDS is Made in India (Pics)

In India, we have N number of reality shows for entertainment on Television but when It comes to drama or sitcoms we have very few options for youth. To fix this scenario, Anil Kapoor came up with Indian version of 24 starring himself. For the people who are not aware, 24 is a highly successful American television series and It is doing pretty good in India as well.

If this trend continues and TV show FRIENDS is also adopted by Indian Television industry, It will be interesting to know who would be starring in these shows.

This question was asked on Quora and here I am sharing the most appropriate answers.

Indian Version of FRIENDS

Akshay Kumar as Ross Geller

Akshay kumar as Ross Geller

Salman Khan as Joey Tribbiani

Salman Khan as joey tribbiani

Aamir Khan as Chandler Bing

Amir khan as Chandler Bing

Rupali Ganguly as Phoebe Buffay

Rupali Ganguly as Phoebe Buffay

Mandira Bedi as Monica Geller

Mandira Bedi as Monica Geller

Preity Zinta as Rachel Green

preity zinta as rachel green

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