How To Get More Twitter Followers, Lets Play A Game

I have read a lot about, “How To Get More Twitter Followers”, I am sure you have also read about it, but it didn’t help me.

Before writing this post i have gone through top 10 articles that i found on the first page of Google search result under the search term, “How To Get More Twitter Followers”. But, I haven’t got much out of all the reading.

How to get more twitter followers

So, Lets just play a game, which may help you to gain more followers,


I will allow you to add your name, your area of interest with your twitter handle which is linked to your Twitter account in this post.

For this post Area of Interest is fixed which is, Social Media.

For example, For me,

Devinder, @davysstweetbox Area of Interest is Social Media.

Your name will be written in the same way.

I will add up-to 100 names in one single post and if the count exceeds 100 i will frame another post.

Here’s List

  • Devinder, @davysstweetbox Area of Interest is Social Media.
  • Rio, @_riobro Area of Interest is Social Media.
  • Jon Scriven, @JonScriv  Area of Interest is Social Media.
  • Rockeymore, @Rockey_III Area of Interest is Social Media.

What is the Game?

Lets say, there are 20 names in the list, all of them are interested in social media, if you will follow them and address this tweet to them, “Lets connect via @thetecnica”, they’ll follow you back.

If someone follows you and addresses above mentioned tweet, Make sure that you follow him/her back.

More the names in the list, more the chances of getting a follow back by people of similar interests and not by random people.

How to add name?

To add your name, handle and area of interest, just comment below the post and follow us @thetecnica. Names will be added on first come first serve basis.

For 100 users who will get their names here on the post will have a lifetime benefit of getting more and more followers of similar interests and for the people who are not on the list just follow people on the list and tweet them (above mentioned) , they will follow you back.

So, this is a never ending cycle, if properly played this game can get you a lot of followers. So, Let’s start.

There is no harm in playing, it costs nothing, give it a try.

This post is restricted for Social Media as area of interest, we’ll be coming up with some more posts with similar title (How To Get More Twitter Followers) but with different areas of interest.


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    1. You are on the list dude, now you can connect to all the people on list by adding this, “Lets connect via @thetecnica ” to your tweet. ATB 🙂

  3. Jon Scriven – @JonScriv, IT Geek & Retro Gamer, Spurs fan, Christian, Old Skool Raver, Literature interests me too, Plus sequenced music old & new. Tweets about all that & more!! :o)

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