Reddit is certainly the front page of Internet. Today, I have found something really amazing there, which is worth sharing with you all.

This is a story of a Reddit user whose colleague had gone on vacation leaving behind his dirty keyboard, Look what he did to it. I don’t wanna talk more about it and ruin the fun. Just browse through the pictures and read the captions, i’ll see you on the other side of the post. Here you go,


The cressening - The situation
This is the keyboard of my co-worker. A little bit disgusting, the admins refuse to use this keyboard. He is on vacation for 4 weeks. Something had to be done.
The cressening - The situation
Who needs Shift lock these days?
The cressening - The situation
He “cleaned” the keyboard some weeks ago with a tissue…
The cressening - The materials
These bad boys cost a fortune! (0,99 Euro)
The cressening - The materials
Got me some soil from outside the office.

Here Starts the Game, Day 1 (Monday)

The cressening - Day 1 (Monday )
Now just a little bit water…
The cressening - Day 1 (Monday)
Note: The Keyboard is now much cleaner and hygienic than before.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

The cressening - Day 2 (Tuesday)
You could see them sprout in less than 24 hours!

Day 3 (Wednesday)

The cressening - Day 3 (Wednesday)
Now we wait.

Day 4 (Thursday)

The cressening - Day 4 (Thursday)
They grew really fast…

Day 5 (Friday)

The cressening - Day 5 (Friday)
Deshi Deshi Basarah Basarah!
The cressening - Day 5 (Friday)
We put the keyboard in a large bowl and added water to keep the cress alive during the weekend.

Day 8 (Monday)

The cressening - Day 8 (Monday)
Looks like it was succesful.
The cressening - Day 8 (Monday)
At this point we were worried that we started way too early. Apparently cress grows as fast as weed (the useless one).

Day 9 (Tuesday)

The cressening - Day 9 (Tuesday)

Day 10 (Wednesday)

The cressening - Day 10 (Wednesday)

Day 11 (Thursday)

The cressening - Day 11 (Thursday)

Day 12 (Friday)

The cressening - Day 12 (Friday)

Day 15 (Monday)

The cressening - Day 15 (Monday)

Day 16 (Tuesday)

The cressening - Day 16 (Tuesday)

The cressening - Day 17 (Wednesday)
He will be back at the office the next day…a webcam has been placed and if he agrees I will upload the reaction video to youtube.

We hope you find the story interesting, you can do the same with your dead keyboard.