How to Setup UPI Payments in Uber (Guide)

UPI or Unified Payment Interface is an initiative by National Payment Corporation of India to bring a safe and secure payment method which works instantly. UPI was launched as an initiative to make India a cashless economy. As more and more merchants and service providers start excepting UPI as a payment method, the need to use cash will dwindle in the future. Since its launch, the payment service has expanded its reach and is now becoming a norm across India. Just a few days back, Uber updated its app to support UPI payment option in India. Uber has partnered with NPCI along with India’s two leading banks (Axis and HDFC) to bring this integration. UPI is a very secure and simple payment method, which will really help riders across India to easily pay for their rides. This article is going to cover the benefits of using UPI with Uber and also show you the steps required to set up UPI as a payment method for Uber:

Note: Currently, Uber’s UPI integration is available only for Android Users. The iOS update is said to be coming soon. However, the process will be the same for iPhone and iPad users too, whenever the update rolls out. 

Setting up UPI With Uber

Setting up UPI with your Uber account can be different depending on the fact that whether you already have a UPI account set up or not. If you already have a UPI ID, then it is only going to take a few steps. However, if you don’t have a UPI ID, you will have to set that up too. Thankfully, we can do that from right inside the Uber app. So, let’s not waste any more time and start the setup process.

Use Existing UPI ID in Uber

1. Let us first start with the easier method. This will work if you already have a UPI ID. Launch the Uber app and tap on the hamburger menu on the top left. Here, tap on the “Payments” option.

uber step 1

2. Here, tap on “Add Payment Method” and then select UPI.

3. If you already have a UPI ID set up, tap on “Link Existing Payment Address”. Now, enter your UPI ID and tap on ‘Save’. Now, Uber will charge a token money of INR 1 to confirm your ID and then it will be added to your payments option.

Create UPI ID in Uber

1. If you don’t already have a UPI ID, we are going to create one right now inside Uber. On the above mentioned step-3, instead of tapping on “Link Existing Payment Address”, tap on the Continue button and on the next page hit the ‘Register’ button.

2. Now, the app will ask you to choose the number that is registered with your bank account. If you are using a smartphone with only a single sim card, then make sure that the number you are using is the same as the one registered in your bank account. If you are using a dual-SIM device, make sure to select the number which is linked to your bank account. For example, I selected ‘SIM 2’ as that’s the number linked with my bank account. Now, on the next page, just tap on the name of your bank.

3. As soon as you tap on your bank name, a pop-up card showing you your bank account will show up. Just, tap on it. On the next page, we will register your debit card. Just enter the required information and hit the “Submit” button.

4. On this page, your phone number will be verified again. Enter the OTP and then create your four digit PIN. This is the PIN that you will use to authorise all your UPI payments. Think of it as similar to your ATM PIN. You will need to enter it anytime you are carrying out a transaction.

5. If you have followed the steps correctly till now, you have created your own unique UPI ID. Your unique ID, also known as “Payment Address”, should be visible to you now, note it down.

6. Now, that we have created the UPI ID, we will use it to add UPI as a payment method inside Uber. Just go to Payment->Add Payment Method->UPI. Here, instead of tapping ‘Continue’, we will tap on the “Link Existing Payment Address”. Enter the UPI ID (Payment Address) that we just created and tap on ‘Save’.

7. Now, as I mentioned previously, Uber will charge a token money of INR 1 to authenticate the payment address that we have entered. Here, hit, the Continue button and then tap on Close. In case you are wondering about the token money, it will be refunded back to your account after the authentication.

Approving UPI Transactions in Uber

Now, you must be thinking, where do I approve this transaction. Here, I will show how to do just that. The charge made by Uber will show up in your UPI app. If you created your UPI ID outside Uber or you already had a UPI ID, the charge will show up in the app you used to create your ID.

Since we have created the UPI ID with Uber and Uber is using Axis Bank as the provider, You will have to install the Axis Bank’s UPI app.

  1. Uber’s UPI payment is powered by Axis Bank, we will install the “BHIM Axis Pay UPI App”. Click on the links to install the app and then launch it (Android / iOS). Once you launch the app, select your phone number which we used in setting up our UPI ID.

2. On this page, just enter your name, email ID, and set a 6 digit passcode for your app. Remember the passcode is different from the PIN we created earlier. The Passcode will allow you to access the app while the PIN will authorise your transactions. Together, they introduce the 2-factor authentication security feature. Now, tap on ‘Get Started’.

3. On the home page of the app, you will see a pending request from Uber. Tap on it. On the next page, a simple infographic will show you the parties of the transaction. Just tap on the ‘Approve’ button.

4. Now, here you will be asked to enter the PIN to authenticate the payment. Enter the 4-digit PIN that we created. Now, that the payment is approved, UPI has been added as a payment method inside your Uber account. To confirm it just go to the ‘Payment’ option in the Uber app and you will find it there.

Benefits of Using UPI in Uber

If you already had a UPI ID, then using this payment method is a no brainer. But, those of you, who will have to create their UPI ID to pay to Uber must be thinking, why to jump through so many hoops to create another payment method, when I can still use the older ones. Well, to them, I will say that there are a lot of benefits of using UPI over other payment methods. Let’s break it down one by one for all the other payment methods present in Uber.

  • UPI vs Cash Payment

Well, this one is pretty straight forward. You will not have to carry cash with you when you use the UPI payment. No cash means no headache of carrying change and no fiddling to take out money at the end of every trip.

  • UPI vs Credit/Debit Cards

When you use cards as your payment system, every time you take a ride, you have to go through the whole process of inputting your CVV number and then wait for the OTP. If you use Uber as much as I do, you will understand how frustrating it is to do that. With UPI, there’s no such problem. At the end of your trip, Uber will send a payment request to your UPI ID. To pay, just launch your UPI app and approve the request by entering the PIN. It is that simple.

  • UPI vs Paytm

Every benefit I mentioned above is provided by Paytm too. Its payment process is even simpler than that of UPI, as the money is automatically deducted from your Paytm wallet. Then why should you use UPI? Well, for starters, using Paytm requires you to add money to its digital wallet, which is not the case with UPI, as in UPI the money is charged directly from your bank account. Secondly, you have to maintain a minimum balance inside your Paytm wallet (INR 350) to get the ability to book a cab. This means that you will need to remember to recharge your Paytm wallet from time to time. Lastly and most importantly, the money stored in Paytm wallet is not as liquid as the money in your account. What I mean is that the money in your account can be used in more scenarios (for example, withdrawing cash, transferring, etc) then the money saved in your Paytm wallet.

Considering the above reasons, it is sufficed to say that using UPI is better than using any other payment method present in the Uber app.

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Use UPI to Pay for Uber Rides

In the article, I have tried my best to explain the whole set-up process of the UPI payment system within the Uber app. If you still have any doubts, you can drop your questions in the comment section below. Also, now that you know the benefits of using UPI, are you inclined to use it over the other payment options. Let us know your thoughts on the subject. We will love to hear your opinion on the subject matter.

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