How to Pay e-Challan Online Against Automated Traffic Fine

India is going through a digitization process under “Digital India” program, and government is one of the main entities that is pushing every department to adopt the new-age technology. While the e-Challan system has been in place for a few years, a new automated penalty system has been started in New Delhi as a pilot project. Since this a new system, most Delhites are clueless about this. That’s why in this article, I will discuss the new system and how you can pay e-challan online against any traffic violation. So without further ado, let’s go through the details.

What is Automated Traffic Fine?

Since March this year, Delhi Traffic Police has generated thousands of automated challans using high-tech cameras, sensors, and 3D radar systems. If a vehicle is parked at a wrong location or speeding beyond the limit or moving in the wrong direction, the cameras will capture the vehicle number and a challan will be generated in real-time using RTO’s database. Further, the owner is informed through an SMS about the violation and a link is also sent to pay the fine. In case, your mobile number is not updated with the RTO, you will get the challan through the post.

This is the government’s latest push to improve safe driving with a better sense of traffic laws and driving etiquette. Many drivers break the traffic rules without any idea that they are being watched. There have been instances where people have found out about their pending challan after many months. So, to check if you have been caught by the advanced camera system, go through the steps in the next section. Keep in mind, the new automated penalty system is only limited to Delhi as of now. Anyway, if you have been levied a challan by on-duty cops then you can still pay it online from the steps mentioned below.

Check and Pay Automated Traffic Fine and e-Challan

1. If you want to check whether a challan is pending against you then open this link and click on “Vehicle Number”. Here, enter your vehicle number and captcha. Finally, click on the “Get Detail” button.

Steps to Check and Pay Automated Traffic Fine Pay e-Challan Online

2. If you have any pending challan then it will show the details with the exact time and date of the violation. You can further go ahead and settle the challan online through SBI’s payment gateway. If it does not show any violations then you are driving within the ambit of traffic law.

Pay Manually Generated Challan Online

1. That was for the automated traffic fine. However, if a challan is manually generated by the traffic cops on the line of duty then you can also pay that online without visiting a bank or police station. Just click on the link mentioned in step 1 and choose “Challan Number” and then proceed ahead.

Steps to Check and Pay Automated Traffic Fine 2

2. If the central system does not find any challan details then you may have to look for your state online portal for e-challan payment system. For your perusal, we have compiled a list of major states with their respective online portal: Maharastra, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan.

Steps to Check and Pay Automated Traffic Fine 3

3. Alternatively, you can also pay e-challan through Paytm. Just open this link and pay traffic fine hassle-free.

Steps to Check and Pay Automated Traffic Fine 4 Pay e-Challan Online

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Find Out if You Have a Pending Challan and Settle it Online

So that was our quick look into the new automated challan system and how the government is using technology to spearhead a culture of safe driving. Apart from the automated challan system, you can also pay normal challans which are generated on-site through online portals. Anyway, that is all from us. If you found the article informative, do comment down below and let us know.

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