How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

After hours of mining, exploration, and building Minecraft farms, it’s time for you to relax and recharge. But to do that, you must know how to make a bed in Minecraft. This is the only item that allows you to sleep in the game, and it also provides a safe place for respawning in the world. You won’t even be able to survive in some scenarios, like fighting the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, unless you create a bed to back you up. So, let’s not waste another moment and learn everything there is to know about beds in Minecraft.

Guide to Make a Bed in Minecraft (2022)

We are covering the uses, mechanics, and crafting recipe of beds in Minecraft. Use the table below to explore everything you need to know about Minecraft’s beds.

What Is a Bed in Minecraft

As you might expect, a bed is a placeable item block in Minecraft on which you can sleep in the overworld. It allows you to reset your spawn point in the world, so each time you die, you return back to where placed the bed. If you don’t have a bed you slept on, then the game sends you back to the world spawn point. Not to forget, other players, even the in-game villagers, can sleep on these beds (as shown below).

What Is a Bed in Minecraft

In theory, it is one of the simplest items in the game, but once you start to use it, the bed can even save your life in the right situation. And the best part is that you can create a bed on your first day of spawning. If you are fast enough, you can have a bed ready before sunset, so you can sleep in-game and skip the night to avoid fighting the hostile Minecraft mobs that spawn in the dark.

Where Do Beds Usually Spawn

Naturally, the beds most commonly spawn in the villages of Minecraft. You can find them in almost every villager’s house. Though, the color of the bed might change with the village’s biome. Here’s a complete list of villages where beds spawn in the game:

  • Desert/Meadow village: cyan, green, and lime beds
  • Plains Village: white and yellow beds
  • Savanna village: red, yellow, and white beds
  • Taiga village: purple and blue beds
  • Snowy tundra village: red, blue, and white beds

Not to forget, you can also find a red bed generating inside igloos. But when compared to villages, igloos are rare and hard to find. So, we suggest you explore our best Minecraft village seeds article to easily get your hands on a bed. They can be broken and picked up using any tool as well as with bare hands.

Items You Need to Make a Bed

If looking for a bed doesn’t go as planned, you can always resort to crafting one yourself. You need to get your hands on the following items to make a bed in Minecraft:

  • Three Wool Blocks (of the same color)
  • Three Wooden Planks (any)
  • Crafting Table

To obtain wooden planks, you have to put a wood/log block in the crafting area. They are one of the easiest blocks to make in the game. You can use any type of wooden plank to craft a bed in Minecraft. They don’t even have to be of the same type of wood. Meanwhile, getting wool is an entirely different story.

How to Get Wool in Minecraft

Follow the steps below to get wool in Minecraft:

1. First, roam around the world until you find a sheep. They generally spawn in a group of 3-4 mobs.

Sheep in Minecraft

2. Then, kill the sheep until you have 3 blocks of the same type of wool to make a bed. Each sheep drops 1 wool block on dying.

Sheep Mob loot

3. Alternatively, you can also craft a shear in Minecraft and use it on the sheep to collect its wool without killing it. This method can get you up to 3 wool blocks at the same time. But, if you have just one sheep mob, you will have to wait a few minutes to have the wool grow back.

Crafting Recipe of Shear

Additionally, thanks to recent updates, you can also find wool naturally spawning in Minecraft. Wool blocks can be found at the following spots:

  • As part of the wool statues inside Woodland Mansion
  • In shepherd’s house, fletcher’s house, and meeting points of plains village
  • As the roof of small structures around Pillager outposts
  • Within the walls and floors of Ancient City’s corridors

Minecraft Bed Crafting Recipe

Once you have all the ingredients, it’s easy to craft a bed in Minecraft. Follow these steps to make a bed for yourself in-game:

1. First, place three wooden planks in the second or bottom row of the crafting area. It doesn’t matter which type of wooden planks you use as the type isn’t reflected in the final design.

3 Planks in Crafting Table

2. Then, place the wool blocks right above the wooden planks, completely filling the row. These wool blocks have to be the same color otherwise the recipe won’t work. Moreover, the color of the mattress on the bed will be determined by the wool’s color.

Crafting Recipe of a Bed

How to Dye a Bed in Minecraft

In terms of colors, Minecraft offers us 18 different types of beds in the game. These include the following colors:

  • Gray
  • Pink
  • White
  • Orange
  • Magenta
  • Light Blue
  • Yellow
  • Lime
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Light Gray
  • Purple

With such variety, it would seem like a crime not to customize your bed to your taste. Fortunately, you don’t have to look for different types of sheep to get colored beds. Instead, you can simply combine an existing bed with a dye on the crafting table to create a bed of your choice. This crafting recipe is random, and you can place the two items anywhere in the crafting area.

Dye a bed in Minecraft

Sadly, this mechanic only works with white beds on the Java edition. Meanwhile, Bedrock edition users can freely dye any bed with any in-game colors.

How to Use a Bed in Minecraft

With the bed ready, here are a variety of ways in which you can use this interesting item in Minecraft:

  • Skipping Night: The most common purpose of the beds in Minecraft is sleeping. You can use the bed to sleep during thunderstorms and at night. Moreover, if you don’t sleep for multiple days, the game spawns a hostile mob called Phantom to hunt you down.
  • Skipping Night: You can sleep in Minecraft to skip a few hours in the game until the sun is out again. But this mechanic only works in the overworld dimension and only when there are no hostile mobs directly within 8 blocks of the bed.
  • Setting Spawn Point: When you die in Minecraft, you respawn next to the same bed you last slept on. But if your bed is destroyed or blocked by various solid blocks, the game will send you back to the spawn point. This is where you initially spawn when you load into a new world.
  • Bouncing: As silly as it might sound, you can jump on beds in-game to get a bouncing velocity. Baby villagers are fond of bouncing on beds in villages. They also reduce fall damage in Minecraft by 50%, irrespective of the height you fall from.
Bouncing on Minecraft Bed
  • Zombie Curing: If you are trying to cure a zombie villager, keeping a bed nearby will speed up the process.
  • Spawning Iron Golems: As mentioned earlier, villagers can also sleep on the beds in Minecraft. Near a bed, the villagers can spawn Iron Golems when they feel threatened. This mechanic makes it possible to build an iron farm in Minecraft.
  • Weapon: If you use a bed outside the overworld, it explodes like a TNT block. This weird but powerful mechanic allows players to use beds as weapons in Minecraft.

How to Make the Beds Explode

Beds are one of the most underrated but powerful explosive weapons in Minecraft. If you place a bed in the Nether or End dimension and then try to sleep on it, the bed immediately explodes. This weird behavior is usually considered a drawback of beds, as they can kill players and make it harder to set a spawn point in those hostile dimensions. But if used smartly, these beds can easily turn into a reliable explosive weapon too.

Expanding on that, here’s how to use beds as a weapon in Minecraft:

1. First, travel to the End or Nether dimension. You can visit the End dimension by finding a stronghold in Minecraft. Meanwhile, for the Nether dimension, you have to create a Nether portal in Minecraft.

Nether Dimension

2. Then, place the bed where you want it to explode.

Pink Bed in nether

3. Finally, as a protective measure, surround yourself with solid blocks that can help reduce the damage from the explosion. Usually, solid building blocks are enough for the job. But don’t forget to leave one opening in your cover to use the bed through. You have to be within 2 blocks area in the Java edition and within 3 blocks area in the Bedrock edition to use the bed.

Protection from Bed

4. Then, right-click or use the secondary action key on the bed to use, and thus, explode it. An exploding bed deals damage to its surrounding blocks and mobs, just like a TNT block would.

Exploding Beds in Minecraft

Make and Use a Bed in Minecraft

Whether you want a good place to rest or a powerful weapon, the bed in Minecraft is ready for you to use. You can create a variety of beds to upgrade your Minecraft house. And if you are on a Minecraft multiplayer server, all of your friends can have their uniquely colored bed. But which one of the available color options would you consider the best one? Tell us in the comments below!

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