Helldivers 2: How to Link Your Steam and PSN Accounts

In Short
  • Linking your Steam and PSN accounts, while not ideal, is an easy process to do.
  • Launch a compatible PlayStation game on your Steam, and you will see a QR code and link. Enter your credentials on the page, and you're done.
  • New PSN users can create a new account by visiting the official PlayStation website and filling in their details.

Besides the recent Helldivers 2 controversy that has gamers up in arms, some other Sony games also require PC players to connect their Steam and PSN accounts together. Whether you’re prepping to link your account before the official update drops or playing some other titles, this one’s for you. So, without further ado, let’s connect our Steam and PlayStation accounts together.

The process to begin linking your Steam and PSN accounts is simple enough. Open a supported PlayStation game on Steam like Helldivers 2, Horizon Forbidden West, or Spider-Man Remastered. Once done, follow the steps below to do so:

  • Once the game opens, a QR code and a link to sign in manually to PSN will pop up. Use the latter to begin.
  • Clicking the link will open a Steam pop-up browser to the PSN page. Proceed by entering your PlayStation account credentials and clicking on “Sign-In.”
  • The window will close once you successfully sign in, and you’ll be returned to your game.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully connected your Steam and PSN accounts. Do note that you will only need to do this once. If, by chance, you’re doing it for Helldivers 2, then I suggest getting it before the 30th May deadline hits!

How to Make a New PlayStation Account

If you’re one of the unfortunate Helldivers forced to do this, I already know you don’t have a PSN account. Thankfully, like the steps above, creating a fresh PlayStation account is easy, too. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Begin by heading over to the official PlayStation account creation website.
  • Select your country and then click on “Next.”
  • Proceed through all the steps and finally click on “Agree and Create Account.” You can uncheck the optional boxes seen in the image below.

And that’s how easy it is to create a PlayStation account! You can not only link this PSN account to your Steam ID but also use it to sign onto PS services, including the consoles.

I now hope you know how to link your Steam and PlayStation accounts together. While I know being forced to link accounts isn’t ideal, we have little choice for now. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to drop your questions in the comments below!

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