How to Get Spider Eyes in Minecraft

In Short
  • You can get spider eyes in Minecraft by killing spiders and witches. Chests in the desert pyramid can also generate spider eyes.
  • You can eat spider eyes, but they are a pretty terrible food item.
  • They are used in a crafting recipe for fermented spider eyes and for brewing two potions. You can also breed armadillos with spider eyes.

Mob loot in Minecraft is used in various ways, be it crafting, eating, or even breeding other animals. One such item is spider eyes, a resource that is very important while brewing Minecraft potions. If you’re someone who wants to get their hands on some, keep reading as we show you how to get spider eyes in Minecraft.

You can get Minecraft spider eyes in two different ways, of which the first one is far more reliable and commonly used.

1. Kill Spiders and Witches

Spider and a lot of spider eyes around it on the ground

As the name suggests, spider eyes naturally belong to spiders. They are dropped when the player or their tamed wolf kills a regular or cave spider. The chances vary depending on whether you have looting Minecraft enchantment. The chances without looting are about 33%.

Each level of looting adds one possible spider eye and increases the chance of them dropping, with looting 3 granting 66.67%.

Furthermore, witches can also drop spider eyes occasionally. The default number is 0-6, but with looting 3 you can get up to 15 spider eyes from a single witch kill. So the next time you want to get some spider eyes in Minecraft, be sure to kill spiders and witches.

2. Loot Desert Pyramids

The second method to get spider eyes in Minecraft is more broad. This implies you explore your world, find desert pyramids, and loot them. The chests under these Minecraft pyramids have a 28.7% chance of generating 1-3 spider eyes.

Uses of Spider Eyes in Minecraft

Spider eyes are useful in various ways. These include eating, crafting fermented spider eyes, brewing poison potions, and breeding armadillos.

1. Eating Spider Eyes

The first use isn’t really a great one. You can eat spider eyes, but they only restore one drumstick, 3.2 saturation points, and inflict you with the poison effect lasting for 5 seconds. This makes spider eyes a pretty terrible Minecraft food source.

2. Crafting and Brewing

Spider eyes are a part of the crafting recipe for fermented spider eyes, items that are used in brewing some amazing potions. Not only that, but spider eyes can produce a potion of poison and also a mundane potion with no effects.

  • Fermented spider eye crafting recipe
  • Using a spider eye to brew potions of poison

3. Breeding Armadillos

Finally, you can use two spider eyes on two adult Minecraft armadillos to make them breed and produce a new armadillo mob. Thankfully learning how to breed armadillos in Minecraft is easy enough. So go to our linked guide if you have queries.

Two adult armadillos breeding

And that is how you get spider eyes in Minecraft. While they might not be the most useful mob drop, but are certainly necessary for some occasions. So, what will you use spider eyes for? Share with us in the comments below!

Can you trade spider eyes for emeralds in Minecraft?

No, there is no villager that will purchase spider eyes from you.

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