How to Find and Catch Katress in Palworld

In Short
  • Katress is a dark element Pal, so it can usually be found roaming the map at night instead of daytime.
  • Alternatively, Katress can be found as an alpha field boss near the Islandhopper Coast in Palworld.
  • Katress drops leather, Katress hair, and a high-grade tech manual. Its partner skill also sees neutral pals drop more items.

Katress is one of the many Pals you encounter in Palworld. But what makes it so special? First of all, Katress is a dark element Pal, 75th in the Paldeck, and a pretty powerful one at that. And the fact that makes it stand out is the amazing partner skill that grants you additional drops on killing other pals. That makes players want to add this pal to their team. However, finding Katress is only part of the challenge. So, let’s look at the locations where you find Katress along with some tips to capture this pal easily.

Katress generally drops leather and Katress hair. In some rare cases, you can also get a high-grade technical manual from this Pal. Additionally, it’s proficient in medicine production, transportation, and handiwork at your base. So, if you want to set up a medical dispensary, consider catching this Pal.

Katress Location in Palworld: Where to Find It

As Katress is a dark-element Pal, you can only find them when the sun is down and it is night-time. Hence, there is no point in searching for them during the daytime. However, when night strikes, the Katress appears in Verdant Brook and Moonless Shore. At this time, you can go and hunt for it.

Alternatively, Katress is also a field Alpha Boss in Palworld. This means you can find a powerful Katress in the dungeon. If you head to the route marked above, map coordinates 241,-330, you will find the Pal.

Once here, find the dungeon entrance, which will be glowing blue. Clicking on it will teleport you to the boss, commencing the battle. However, the Katress Alpha Boss is level 23. This means you need to prepare yourself to get the Pal.

How to Catch a Katress in Palworld

Now, if you have set your mind on catching this pal and need it on your team, there are a few ways to do it properly. Chances are that your first encounter with the Pal will be the Alpha Boss. So, here are some tips that will benefit you:

  • Ensure you reach level 23 and above before attempting this fight. While the Pals are not level-gated, and you can try to catch the boss earlier, the damage taken will be higher. As such, it is better to level up, and here are some handy tips to level up fast in Palworld.
  • Bring a dragon element Pal with you. Dark element Pals like Katress are weak to dragon one in-game. So, Katress will fare worse against a dragon element Pal. If you have reached level 23, chances are you already have a Dinossom in your team. Hence, bring them along with your best fighting Pals.
  • Stack up on some Mega and Giga spheres. Once you reach level 23, you can unlock both the items in the technology tree. However, you can find Mega Spheres around the map after leaving the beginning islands.

Mega and Giga spheres are green and yellow in color, respectively. These spheres will increase your chances of capturing the Pal quicker than a standard Pal Sphere.

If you play your cards right and the RNG gods are happy with your performance, you might capture the Katress with ease. Once it joins your party, you can assign it Pal tasks at your base or bring her along on battles. Some users have also pointed out that Katress also appears at the Black Marketeer shop. Since it is randomized, we didn’t have the option to get this Pal from them. However, you can try your luck and buy one.

That is how you track down and capture a Katress in Palworld. We hope you get as many Katress as possible to make your life easier on the island. Found a Katress at a different location we didn’t talk about? Then let us know in the comments below.

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