How to Enable “Type to Siri” in iOS 11 and Type Queries to Siri

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced plenty of features that’s coming to iOS 11. There are several other minor features the company didn’t boast about, during the keynote and “Type to Siri” feature might very well be the most underrated features that iOS 11 has to offer. This is definitely one of those features that you might find yourself using everyday. Assume, you’re among the crowd or you’re working at your office and you want to gain some information from Siri. Using your voice to trigger Siri, will only make you feel awkward in that situation. This is exactly where “Type to Siri” kicks in, as your voice is no longer a necessity to witness the smartness of Siri. Apart from this, this might certainly help the disabled people out there, so props to Apple for including this in iOS 11. So, if you’re interested in using “Type to Siri”, let’s take a look at how to enable Type to Siri in iOS 11:

Enable Type to Siri In iOS 11

Note: I tried this on an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 6s running the latest iOS 11 beta 1 for developers, so this should work for you too.

The new “Type to Siri” feature is not enabled by default. So, simply follow the steps below to enable it:

  • Go to Settings app on your iOS device and tap on “General” and then go to “Accessibility” settings.

How to Enable “Type to Siri” in iOS 11 and Type Queries to Siri

  • Once done, scroll down and tap on “Siri”. Now, you can enable “Type to Siri” by simply moving the slider.

How to Enable “Type to Siri” in iOS 11 and Type Queries to Siri

  • Now, once you invoke Siri by holding the home button, you’ll notice that your keyboard also pops up, so that you can type your queries away, instead of using your voice.

How to Enable “Type to Siri” in iOS 11 and Type Queries to Siri

Note: After you have enabled “Type to Siri”, the button to enter voice commands will no longer be available in Siri. So, you will have to disable the Type to Siri option to speak voice commands to Siri. 

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Type Your Queries To Siri in iOS 11

Now, there’s not just one, but two ways to use Siri. Well, for the disabled as well as all the introverts out there, this is definitely going to be a pretty damn useful feature they’ll end up using everyday. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this feature to arrive, for a long time now. So, have you tried typing away all your queries instead of using your voice? Which way do you prefer using Siri and why? Make sure you let us know, by shooting your opinions in the comments section down below.

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