Minecraft Legends: How to Despawn Golems

Despawning mobs in any strategy game is a crucial system. Unfortunately, you cannot do the same with the Golems and any other mobs in Minecraft Legends. While Golems are the mobs that help you achieve victory against the piglin force in the game, swapping them out based on the situation is tough. However, we have three different methods that you can use to despawn Golems in Minecraft Legends.

Currently, there is no official way to despawn the Golems, which is a strange system, mainly because of viable scenarios. The only ways to get rid of the Golems in Minecraft Legends are:

Kill The Golems Using Lava

The first method to get rid of Golems is through an inhumane method. However, this will surely despawn your Golems without any hassle in Minecraft Legends. Follow the below steps.

  1. First, make sure every single one of your Golems is following you. To do this, press Q on the keyboard near them.
  2. Find an area with a ravine of lava.
  3. Build a bridge in the middle of this ravine and instruct your Golems to stand on it.
  4. Once they are standing on the bridge, remove the bridge. The Golems will drop into the lava; to their demise.

Make Your Golem Army Fight Piglins

The second way to despawn your Golems involves killing them off in Minecraft Legends. This time, instead of giving them a dishonorable death, it is an honorable one.

Simply rally your troops and send them to fight Piglins in one of the major Piglin bases. Once they die, you can spawn newer mobs in the game and rally them against the Piglins. This way you can get rid of your existing army.

Fast Travel and Get Rid of the Mobs

This is technically not a way to despawn the Golems in Minecraft Legends. Nevertheless, if you want to part ways with your mob army, this is another easy way.

Instruct the Golems to go to a particular point on the map and walk out on them. It’s that simple. When you want to bring your mobs back for a fight, make a Golem spawner and call them back for a fight.

The omission of an option to despawn your Golems in Minecraft Legends is a strange decision. Especially given that the game follows RTS rules. Hence, the immediate despawn of your friendly mob should be a must-feature in the game.

Suppose you are trying to overtake Piglin outposts with two varieties of Golems. Now, each Golem has different characteristics and skills and fits a particular style of situation. Hence, when you need to swap into an appropriate Golem, you can’t. The only option in hand is to either brute force the fight using your existing mobs, or hope your mob dies while fighting.

Neither of these situations sounds like a definite way, feeling like a band-aid put on. Hopefully, Blackbird Interactive and Mojang Studios sit down to figure out how to fix this. Our suggestion, make despawning your mob an option at the Golem spawner in Minecraft Legends. The spawners already allow us to call back your spawned Golems to you. Hence, adding the option to despawn them should help.

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