Google Now Lets You Delete Last 15 Minutes of Search History; Here’s How

delete last 15 minutes of google search history

In an attempt to offer users more control over how they would like to manage their personal data, Google has now added the option to delete the last 15 minutes of search history in one tap. Here’s how you can use the feature to stay in control of your saved search history.

How to Delete Last 15 Minutes of Google Search History

According to Google, the ability to clear search history for the last 15 minutes is limited to the Google app for iOS at this moment. However, the software giant has promised to bring this nifty feature to the Google Android app later this year.

So if you own an iPhone, here’s how you can erase the last 15 minutes of Google Search history.

1. Using the new delete option is fairly straightforward. Open the Google app for iOS and tap on your profile picture at the top right corner.

2. When the pop-up appears, tap on “Delete last 15 min” and that’s it. The app will now clear whatever you have searched in the last 15 minutes from history.

clear 15 mins search history google

If you want more control, learn how to delete Google Search history using our linked article. While you are at it, you might also find our guide to auto-delete Google web and location history useful.

Apart from this, Google has added an extra layer of verification while accessing the My Activity page. You should now add additional information, say your password or two-factor authentication code to access your entire search history. This is a neat feature that should prove helpful especially if you are sharing your phone or PC with others.

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