How to Crawl in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

In Short
  • Crawling in Minecraft is helpful and allows you to access one-block-tall spaces.
  • You may crawl in many ways, but using a trapdoor is the most popular on Minecraft editions.
  • Furthermore, you may also trigger the crawl animation while diving in water. The third method requires Elytra but is the most straightforward way to crawl.

Minecraft is a game full of subtle features that significantly affect the experience. One such feature is the crawl mechanic. While not often talked about, it’s definitely one of the staple abilities you have and is actually very useful. However, it might be a bit confusing to actually crawl in Minecraft. Well, I had the same initial doubts, so I decided to sit down and create a dedicated guide. So, with that, let’s begin learning how to crawl in Minecraft.

Method 1: Using the Trapdoor Method

This is the most popular way of crawling in the early game of Minecraft. To get started with this method, you’ll need a trapdoor. The material is not important, so a plain wooden trapdoor of any kind will do just fine. You can make it by placing 6 wooden planks of the same type in the two adjacent rows of the crafting table‘s grid. Once you have the trapdoor, follow the steps below:

  • Place the trapdoor on the side of a block at the height of the player’s upper body.
  • Now, stand directly against it and open it by right-clicking.
  • The trapdoor’s hitbox will adjust automatically, pushing your hitbox down. This will cause you to enter the crawling position.
  • To stand up, simply go to a spot where the ceiling is at least two blocks off the ground, and you’ll be on your feet.
Trapdoors allowing player to fit in the one-block-tall space

Method 2: Using the Water Method

While players usually carry a water bucket with them to turn lava into obsidian or avoid fall damage, you can also use it to learn how to crawl. Follow the steps below for that:

  • Place the water source block at the height of the player’s upper body. It will spill downwards and around, allowing you to submerge yourself in it.
  • Now, while your head is underwater, hold the forward and sprint buttons (Ctrl on PC). This makes the game think you want to dive so that it will change your hitbox from vertical to horizontal.
  • You can remove the water, and you’ll still stay in the crawling position, allowing you to fit into short places.
Player uses water to enable crawling in Minecraft

Method 3: Using the Elytra Method

Elytra is an end-game item that allows you to quickly travel across the world. It also triggers the crawl mode every time you use it to glide. Check out how you can take advantage of it using the steps below:

  • While your elytra is equipped, you can double-press the jump button. This will activate it and allow you to fly using the firework rockets.
  • However, if you just want to crawl, stand against the tiny passage and activate the elytra with the jump button. Hold the forward button, and you’ll easily fit in the one-block-tall space.
Player uses elytra to fit in a small space

Why Is Crawling Useful in Minecraft?

Crawling is essentially one of the unwritten rules of Minecraft. Its uses vary quite a lot. However, the reason crawling is used the most frequently is convenience. Sometimes, it’s far easier to fit into one-block-tall spaces than tear out the blocks in the way. This can be especially useful when constructing farms requiring peculiar redstone component placements.

Moreover, crawling can save your life. Since many mobs are two blocks tall, being able to crawl can ensure you stay away from threats. However, this can also work for passive mobs in order to keep them in a certain area. The same goes for drowning. In some situations, if you can crawl into a dry space, it can mean you don’t drown and perhaps lose your items.

Crawling is sometimes even necessary. This is the case in the End dimension after you’ve beaten the Ender Dragon. A new end gateway will be generated, and the only way to access it is to crawl in there. You may achieve this with an ender pearl, but simply crawling using a trapdoor is much safer.

Congratulations, you now know how to crawl in Minecraft! Don’t worry, even if you’re new to the game, as the methods above are super easy. So, which one did you end up using? Let us know in the comments below!

How do you crawl without a trapdoor?

If you don’t want to use a trapdoor or any of the other methods listed above, you can also crawl with the help of commands. However, this will require you to enable commands or cheats.

Can you crawl in Minecraft Bedrock edition?

Yes, you can crawl in the Bedrock edition. This feature has been added in the Beta. The trapdoor method explained above works just fine for Bedrock players.

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