How to Change Mounts in Minecraft Legends

With its action strategy gameplay, Minecraft Legends provides a unique experience for a well-loved videogame series. However, instead of completely revamping the world, Minecraft Legends takes inspiration from the main game and builds on its mechanics. While the original Minecraft usually sees players tame and mount horses, mules, and even camels (in Minecraft 1.20), Minecraft Legends has four mounts. Located in different areas of the map, Minecraft Legends players can easily go and change mounts at their convenience. We have explained this process in detail here.

How to Switch Mounts in Minecraft Legends

The first thing we need to remember before changing mounts in Minecraft Legends is that while the biome for their spawning stays the same, the spawn location can be different in each procedurally generated world. And locating the mounts is the only hard part of the process, swapping the mount is simple. To change mounts in the game, players need to do the following.

  • First, track down the mount that you want to use. Refer to our guide about all the mounts in Minecraft Legends and learn the biomes that they live in.
  • Once you track down the mount, simply hold Q on the keyboard near the mount to switch. This will trigger a cutscene, after which, the mount is yours.

Change Back to Your Old Mount in Minecraft Legends

With each mount in the game having a special ability, chances are that you will want to switch between them depending on your playstyle and missions. Fortunately, the process for switching your mount remains the same.

Travel back to the point where you found the current mount. In Minecraft Legends, the old mount stays back when you change them. Just travel back to the original point and change back. You can also navigate to the nearest biome where a certain mount spawns and switch to the one you desire.

Minecraft Legends is now available to play on every major platform available, including via Xbox Game Pass on PC and console. Read our Minecraft Legends review of Minecraft Legends to learn what we think about the game and its mechanics in its current state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring back my old mount with me?

No. At a time, players can bring only one single mount with them. The old mount will stay back at the place where they changed their mounts in Minecraft Legends.

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