What Do Llamas Eat in Minecraft

In Short
  • Llamas in Minecraft love to eat Wheat and Hay Bales.
  • You may grow wheat from wheat seeds and craft hay bales from 9 wheat. They also generate in villages.
  • Both items heal the llama, speed up the growth of babies, and increase the llama's temper. But hay bales are better and are also used to lure and breed llamas.

Llamas are one of Minecraft’s utility mobs that provide players with additional storage and the ability to transport items. So, having a few around if you need them is good. Thankfully, it’s very easy to breed llamas, but you obviously need to know what these animals eat. So keep reading as we tell you what llamas in Minecraft eat right here!

Llamas in Minecraft have two favorite foods that they love. Those are Wheat and Hay Bales. Wheat is a crop you may grow by planting regular wheat seeds you get from punching grass. You can easily learn how to plant seeds and grow crops to help you with this simple task.

The hay bale is an item and block you can craft with 9 wheat from the crafting table. You may also find them in piles inside village borders.

Wheat crops and hay bales in a village, which are llama's favorite food in Minecraft

To feed llamas, you can select the food item on your hotbar and use it on them. The food will be consumed, and the llama will make a sound indicating it’s been fed.

Once fed to a llama, these two items have different effects. They can both heal the llamas, speed up the growth of baby llamas, and increase their temper. Temper is a behind-the-scenes value that determines how easily the llama is tamable. The higher the temper value is, the more likely the llama is to love you.

Hay bales are more expensive than wheat items but far more efficient. Also, hay bales are necessary to breed and lure llamas, as wheat cannot be used for the same. Here are the exact numbers the food items provide:

FoodHealsSpeeds growth by:Increases temper by:
Wheat1 Heart10 Seconds3
Hay bale5 Hearts1.5 Minutes6
Player feeding a llama wheat and hay bales in Minecraft

With that said, now you know what llamas eat in Minecraft and how these foods affect them. Llamas are quite funny and unique mobs, so if you haven’t played around with them we highly recommend you do so. Did you end up feeding your llamas? Let us know about it in the comments below!

What do wandering trader llamas eat?

The wandering trader llamas eat the same items as regular wild llamas. To ensure they don’t despawn, you should break the lead the wandering trader uses by killing the trader or placing llamas in a boat. Other than their looks, the trader llamas act like regular llamas.

Can I ride a llama in Minecraft?

You can only hop onto a llama but cannot control its movements. You’ll first need to tame it.

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