How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft

In Short
  • Llama is a Minecraft neutral mob that spawns in certain uncommon biomes and as followers of the wandering trader.
  • Llamas eat wheat and hay bales. They provide different effects and hay bales can be used to breed them.
  • Once tamed, llama can be equipped with a carpet and a chest, so it can look fancy and transport items.

Out of all the amazing animals Minecraft packs, Llamas are one of the few that are underrated. If you’re the type of player who loves llamas, then we have good news for you. It’s actually possible to breed and multiply these spitting animals so you can have an army of colorful transport mobs. In this detailed guide, we’ll share where to find llamas and how to tame and breed them in this lovely blocky game. So, let’s begin!

Where to Find Llamas in Minecraft?

Llama is a neutral Minecraft mob that spawns in certain biomes or as followers of the wandering trader. The natural llamas appear in four variants – brown, cream, white, or gray-coated. The Minecraft biomes llamas spawn in are:

  • Windswept hills
  • Windswept forest
  • Windswept gravelly hills
  • Savanna plateau
  • Savanna (Bedrock edition only)
  • Windswept savanna (Bedrock edition only)
Naturally spawned llamas in Minecraft

As you can see, these are some pretty unusual and rare biomes that make llamas relatively difficult to find. On the Bedrock edition, they also spawn in savannas and windswept savannas, which significantly expands the area where you may find llamas.

The wandering trader also randomly spawns near the player. Two leads are attached to the two trader llamas, which, due to their outfits, look different from the natural llamas.

What Do Llamas Eat in Minecraft?

Llamas love to eat Wheat and Hay Bales, which are similar items. We’ve got a dedicated guide about the topic that will help you obtain these items and explain what they do to a llama’s stats. Check it out and get more information about it easily.

Player feeding a llama wheat and hay bales in Minecraft

How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft

Of the two items llamas eat, the Hay Bale can be used to breed them in-game. To do so, use two hay bales on two adult llamas, and they’ll enter “love mode.” The llamas will then breed, and a baby llama will spawn.

Two adult llamas breeding

Keep in mind that you can only breed tamed adult llamas. Furthermore, only hay bales can lure llamas; wheat cannot. Baby llama takes about 20 minutes to grow, but you may speed up its growth by feeding it.

How to Tame a Llama in Minecraft

After successfully locating the llama, you’re free to tame it. This process is rather similar to taming horses. You’ll need to right-click it to ride it, soon after which the llama will eject you. Repeat this multiple times until you see heart particles appear above it. It’s possible to speed this process up by first feeding the llama their favorite food.

Llama Behavior

When you do find a llama, make sure not to hit it. They are neutral mobs and will attack you if you do. Llamas attack players by spitting on them. This little attack is pretty harmless, dealing half a heart of damage each time. However, llamas are hostile towards wolves and will attack them naturally.

Once you find a llama, you may transport it by a boat or a lead to a specific location. Moreover, there is actually a funny mechanic with llamas and leads. Once a llama is on a lead, nearby llamas will start to follow it in a line, creating a caravan.

Player leading lots of llamas with only three being on a lead

The number of llamas in a single caravan can be up to 10. So, if you have one more lead attached to a llama, nine more llamas can follow it. There is no limit to how many llamas you can have, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Why Are Llamas Useful?

Now, let’s go over why you should feed, breed, and tame llamas. While on a tamed llama, you can open your inventory and view theirs as well. You may also sneak and right-click the llama to open its inventory. These mobs don’t have a saddle slot like horses, so you cannot control them.

However, you can place the carpet in their main slot on the left. Once you do that, the llama’s appearance will change according to the color of the carpet used. This will allow you to choose the llama’s looks and know which carpet matches the one you like.

Llamas with all carpet variants in Minecraft

Furthermore, a tamed llama is a transport mob regardless of the carpet. You can use a chest on it without sneaking, and it’ll be equipped. You can then open its inventory and see how many slots you have available.

Strength 3 llama's inventory

The number of accessible columns is determined by the llama’s “strength” value. The minimum is one, while the maximum is 5. Each level enables one column or 3 slots, so the minimum number of slots a llama can have is 3, and the maximum is 15.

However, the llama with strength 5 is quite rare to find. Breeding llamas have a low chance of yielding a baby with a higher strength value. Apart from these uses, adult llamas also drop leather, XP, and all items from their inventory and equipment when killed.

And now you know what llamas eat, along with how to breed and tame them! They are quite underrated mobs in the game but are so fun to have around, especially because of their silly noises. So, are you a fan of llamas? Let us know in the comments below!

What’s the point of llamas?

Llama is a transport mob. You can easily chain up to 10 llamas together with a single lead and still have at least 30 additional inventory slots if you tame them all and equip them with a chest. This is a pretty neat mechanic in the early game.

Do llamas have 15 hearts?

The health of llamas is similar to the health of horses. A random value is assigned to each llama, with 7.5 hearts being the minimum and 15 hearts being the maximum.

Can you tame wandering trader llamas?

Yes, you can tame trader llamas, but you’ll first need to break the lead the wandering trader has. You may do so by killing the trader or placing a boat near the llamas so they enter it. This llama will then behave like a regular llama and will not despawn.

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