House of the Dragon: The Reason Behind Mysaria’s Scar

There are many influential people from all around the world at King’s Landing. However, ample individuals in the capital’s underworld pull the strings from the darkness. Mysaria, who goes by the alias “The White Worm,” is one such person. From the days of her introduction in season 1, fans kept pondering over the cause behind the scar on her neck. In today’s episode 2 of season 2, Queen Rhaenyra even acknowledged it. So keep reading to find out how Mysaria got the neck scar in House of the Dragon.

How Did Mysaria Get Her Neck Scar in HOTD

Mysaria in House of the Dragon
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Episode 2 of House of the Dragon continued to keep us intrigued with the Twin Knight Brothers’ battle. In the very same episode, Queen Rhaenyra acknowledged Mysaria’s scar and this moment reignited the mystery of Mysaria’s scar debate again after season 1. So, to understand the reason behind Mysaria’s neck scar, you need to learn about her past first.

Before she became a powerful information broker with a great spy network inside King’s Landing, there was a buried past of her that we should learn. She confirmed in numerous situations that she used to be a slave in her early life. If you have been a longtime GOT fan, you must be already aware that slavery exists in this universe. Thus, many fans still allude that as a slave she must have been forced to wear a tight collar on her neck which is the likely reason for Mysaria’s neck scar.

Even in this same episode 2, Mysaria once again recapped how she toiled as a slave and a prostitute all her way to becoming the White Worm now. While the slave collar reasons sound plausible, there is also a case where she could have been strangled by one of her customers. There isn’t a solid explanation for Mysaria’s scars either in the show (until now) or in the books as well.

Fun Fact: There is no mention of Mysaria having a scar in her neck in the original Fire & Blood Novel.

Meaning Behind Mysaria’s Scars

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Whatever the case may be, it is evident that she is one of the characters who has suffered brutally in the past and now has risen to the top despite her circumstances. If you paid attention closely, Mysaria used to conceal her neck scar either with her outfit or jewelry earlier. However, as she continued to ascend to the top, she started to make it visible.

I believe that the shift in her character arc is directly indicated by her scar. She is no longer afraid and doesn’t care about hiding her scar in front of others as she becomes the White Worm. Fans have started to draw parallels to other characters in the universe such as Shae from Game of Thrones. However, if you are looking for a valid answer instead of speculations, then we must wait until her complete backstory is revealed in the TV show. That said, do share your opinion on Mysaria’s scars in the comments below.

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