House of the Dragon: Who Is Daeron Targaryen

House of the Dragon introduced us to several potent warriors, but it also left several behind, one of whom is Daeron Targaryen, the fourth child and third son of King Viserys and Queen Alicent. Well, Daeron is a crucial part of the Targaryen family, and now he has been teased in episode 2. Before he arrives, let’s delve deeper into this article to know who Daeron Targaryen is and which actor could play Daeron’s role in HOTD season 2.

Warning: This post contains heavy spoilers from George R.R Martins’ books.

Who Is Daeron Targaryen in House of the Dragon

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Daeron Targaryen is the fourth child and third son of King Viserys and Queen Alicent. He was born sometime after his half-sister Rhaenyra birthed Jacaerys. Keeping in mind the enmity between Alicent and Rhanenyra, King Viserys decided to get a wet nurse for both infants. He believed that being the milk brothers, they might grow up as friends and not rivals, but that never happened. Even though Daeron heavily hated his nephews Jacaerys and Lucerys, he was very kind-hearted and empathetic, unlike his elder brothers.

Before Joffrey was born, Daeron was sent to Oldtown to squire Alicent’s cousin, Ormund Hightower. During this period, Daeron protected Ormund and his army from being annihilated, and because of this, he was honored and dubbed “The Daring.” Also, before Daeron left for Oldtown, he claimed the “Blue Queen” Tessarion as his dragon, so he became a tough player during Dance of the Dragons. Furthermore, he became one of the biggest threats to the Blacks.

Soon after the Civil War commenced, Aegon II received severe injuries, and Aemond instantly thought of attacking Harrenhal. However, he did not even consider taking Daeron with him, as Aemond saw him as worthless. Without taking it personally, Daeron kept watch on the houses that supported Team Green. He even burned the entire Britterbridge after learning that his nephew Maelor had died in the town.

Has Daeron Targaryen Appeared in House of the Dragon So Far

Well, Daeron has not physically appeared in House of the Dragon so far. He was mentioned most recently in the episode 2. Previously, the showrunners acknowledged his existence in season 1 when Daemon said Greens have four dragons (one for each of the Alicent’s children). But, they did not name him at that time.

Will Daeron Targaryen Appear in House of the Dragon Season 2

It is highly unlikely that Daeron Targaryen will appear in HOTD season 2 as the plot has not yet reached the part where Dearon is supposed to appear. Even showrunner Ryan Condal said that the show is not at the stage where Daeron will appear. We could see Daeron Targaryen in House of the Dragon Season 3 as the civil war reaches its end stage.

Daeron Targaryen Actor

Well, showrunners have not revealed who would play the role of Daeron Targaryen in House of the Dragon. In an interview with Variety, showrunner Ryan Condal says that the actor for Daeron Targaryen has not been cast yet. As per books, Daeron is one of the most handsome and good-looking Targaryen princes. It remains to be seen who will be cast in the role of Daeron Targaryen.

Which Dragon will Daeron Ride

In books, Daeron Targaryen rides Tessarion, the Blue Queen who is a fairly younger dragon in comparison to Vhagar, Dreamfyre, and Sunfyre. It is mentioned in the books that Tessarion had dark cobalt-colored wings and she threw flames of cobalt blue color. We are yet to see Tessarion, Daeron’s dragon, being mentioned in the show.

Daeron Targaryen’s Fate Explored

After the fall of King’s landing, when Aegon II went missing, and Aemond died during the conflict with Daemon, Daeron became the heir to the Iron Throne. The prince died during the second war of Tumbleton, but nothing was known about his death, and no one could ever discover his lifeless body. Several years later, during the reign of Aegon III Targaryen, several men appeared in the kingdom, claiming to be Daeron, but no one could prove it.

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