All Enemies in Helldivers 2 and How to Defeat Them

In Short
  • In Helldivers 2, two different factions threaten humanity's survival.
  • The Terminids are the nasty bugs hell-bent on multiplying. Players will find eight different types of these enemies, all deadly in their own way.
  • The Automatons are self-reliant socialist robots indiscriminately killing the forces of humanity. As before, there are eight different types of these robots.

Helldivers 2 is one of the only games that has hyped up players around the globe in the ‘Quest for Democracy.’ However, between you and freedom stand two factions hell-bent on destruction: the Terminids and the Automatons. Both enemy factions come with an extensive set of enemies that every Helldiver must know about. With that said, let’s make your job easier by telling you about every enemy type in Helldivers 2 (review) so you may dispose of them quickly.

All Terminids in Helldivers 2

1. Scavenger

Scavenger Helldivers 2
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

The Scavenger is one of the most common Terminid units in Helldivers 2. Found in large quantities everywhere, these bugs patrol areas as a group. Once they spot a Helldiver, the scavengers launch a collective attack. While they are easy to eliminate, a swarm of them can overwhelm you, causing death.

Thankfully, as mentioned, taking them out is simple. Simply team up with a fellow diver and let loose from your machine gun. Each scavenger only requires a few bullets with no specific weak spots so you can simply spray and pray. Alternatively, you can use some of the best Helldivers 2 stratagems like the Eagle Cluster or Eagle Strike to take out many of them at once.

2. Hunter

Hunter Helldivers 2 enemy
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

After the scavenger, the Hunter is the second most common Terminid enemy that will stand between you and your goal. Hunters are a tad taller than the scavengers but also harder to shoot. This is because these pesky bugs have a habit of dodging bullets while charging head-on. Usually, you’ll see some Hunters always accompanying the Scavengers. Furthermore, hunters also have a habit of spawning bug holes.

While taking out a hunter requires the same approach as a scavenger, I suggest you aim a bit quicker. Once done, some well-placed shots on the body will topple them, ultimately resulting in their death. However, if you can’t seem to be quick then I suggest calling down a Gattling turret and standing well back.

3. Warrior

Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

This is when things start to get a bit tough. Warriors are the humongous bugs with moderate armor. As such, they can absorb more bullets and even become enraged when attacked. Warriors usually appear in moderate difficulty and are often paired with the enemies above.

The best way to deal with warriors in Helldivers 2 is to target their weak spots. Since this enemy is almost fully armored, players need to target their underbellies and legs. Alternatively, a few well-placed shots to the head will also do the trick. While your standard rifle will work, I suggest using the Breaker shotgun on the Warrior.

4. Brood Commander

Brood Commander
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

True to its name, the Brood Commander is a mean Terminid who walks around with an entire swarm of enemies. While the commander walks slowly, that’s only because it lets the hoard do the job. Don’t let that fool you, however. Brood Commanders are extremely strong, ferocious, and heavily armored.

Since a Brood Commander has a habit of walking around with Terminids, I suggest placing a Gattling Sentry before engaging them. This will help eliminate the surrounding bugs while you focus on eliminating the Chief. For that job, I advise either using armor-piercing weapons or a full-on assault using your Breaker shotgun as above.

5. Charger

Charger Helldivers 2 enemy
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

Ask any Helldiver about the Chargers and their first reaction will be to groan in annoyance. Found in higher difficulties, the chargers in Helldivers 2 come with a hard exoskeleton. This makes it one of the toughest bugs to take out. Furthermore, true to their name, the Chargers love tackling Helldivers and throwing them away. This even drains the player’s stamina.

There are various ways to take out a Charger. The most effective way is using a bait-and-shoot strategy. I suggest one player grabs the Terminid’s attention while the rest of the Helldivers start shooting at its exposed back. Doing this a few times should do the trick. However, if you can’t be bothered to wait then I suggest using stratagems like an Anti-Tank or guns like MG43 and Railgun to make quick work of this enemy in Helldivers 2.

6. Bile Spewer

Bile Spewers
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 wiki

You thought the charger was annoying? Wait till you hear of the Bile Spewer. These bugs are medium-sized and spit acidic vomit on you. The resulting effects slow the Helldiver down, giving other enemies time to pounce. The bile spewers can be recognized by the glowing sides of their bodies.

Fortunately, you and your team can take out this Terminid easily. While the front is covered in protective shielding, its sides and back are open. As such, use your favorite weapon to start shooting at the green sides to kill this Terminid.

7. Stalker

Stalkers Helldivers 2
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 wiki

One of the specialty Terminids that you’ll start encountering frequently as soon as you start hitting the hard and above difficulty is the Stalker. As the name suggests, these bugs can camouflage and effectively turn invisible to stalk and kill prey. They behave like an average Hunter in their demeanor but in addition, can damage you using tongue whip attacks.

You’d generally find Stalkers near a Stalker nest, and they are easy to take down. While you’d think they are difficult to spot, you can detect Stalkers from the shimmering around them. Once you do spot a stalker, ping this enemy and throw a smoke grenade to keep it in your line of sight. Once done, you and your fellow divers can light it up.

8. Bile Titan

Bile Titan
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

Possibly one of the tallest Terminid enemies in Helldivers 2, the Bile Titan is a giant bug that acts like the Spewer. However, the difference here is that its corrosive acid not only has a greater area of effect but hits much harder. Furthermore, given its size, the behemoth is difficult to incapacitate with guns.

The only surefire way to take out Bile Titan is by using Stratagems. I personally suggest calling down an Eagle 500kg Bomb or an Orbital Laser Strike to send it back to hell.

All Automatons in Helldivers 2

1. Trooper

Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 wiki

It’s time to step into the world of Automatons. The first and most common enemy you will encounter here is the Trooper. These are your standard grunts who fill the frontlines of the war. Sometimes, they’ll carry machine guns, rocket launchers, and rapid-fire cannons and equip themselves with jump packs. Overall, these guys are annoying and a bit difficult when encountered in a group.

Dealing with them is simple enough, as shooting them almost anywhere will take them out almost immediately. Of course, since you’ll take a lot of damage from the incoming bullets, wearing a shield pack is recommended for that added protection.

2. Commissar

helldivers 2 enemy Commissar
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

One of the Automaton bots you should prioritize taking out is the Commissar. While it acts as a Trooper and even fights with them on the battlefield, this automaton has a habit of charging the diver with their red glowing swords.

Just like the other enemy, however, commissars can be easily killed by a few well-placed shots on the body. However, do try to take them out earlier, as Commissars can call in more Automatons to join the battlefield.

3. Devastator

helldivers 2 Devastator enemy
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

One of the heavier enemies in-game, Devastators are equipped with a plethora of annoyances, which include cannons, machine guns, and even minor shields. Thankfully, these Automatons are slow to make making them a bit easier to deal with.

To take out a devastator, I suggest first taking out its arm to remove the offense. Once that’s done, aim at its head and begin spraying. Since that’s one of its primary weak points, this enemy should go down soon after.

4. Berserker

Helldivers 2 Berserker
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 Wiki

While the berserkers are a weaker form of the enemy above, they are much quicker and more aggressive. These automatons focus solely on melee attacks. Knowing for packing chainsaws for arms, the berserkers charge Helldivers in groups to take them out easily.

Like the devastator, you can begin by taking out these chainsaw arms and then focusing on the head after. Furthermore, the stomach is also one of the weak points in the body. With all these options to shoot, simply pick the one that suits you.

5. Hulk

Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 wiki

I won’t blame you if you confused this automaton with the Marvel Hulk. Jokes aside, the Hulk is a bipedal Automaton, which I can best describe as a tank. The unit of an enemy comes covered with heavy armor all around its body and can soak up bullets like water.

As such, I would advise not wasting low-caliber bullets on it, as they just won’t work. Helldivers should instead rely on heavy artillery such as the Rail Gun or the Anti-Materiel rifle. Once you have these, target anywhere and everywhere along with a combination of grenades and heavy stratagems to take it out.

6. Dropship

Automaton Dropship Helldivers 2 enemy
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 wiki

Exactly as the name suggests, the drop-ship is responsible for dropping Automatons on the battlefield. In addition, these ships can also shoot at you using lasers from the ship.

The dropship’s only notable weakness is its thrusters. You can take out the ship thrusters using an Anti-Tank or Recoilless gun. This will crash the carrier, killing the robots inside in the process. Quicker and more precise Helldivers can even employ the Orbital Laser to do so.

7. Scout Strider

Scout Strider Helldivers 2
Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 wiki

Ironically, a machine gets to drive another machine to take humans out. Put simply, Scout Striders are walking turrets operated by the Automatons. These look eerily similar to the AT-ST walkers from the Star Wars movies and function a little similarly to them. Do note that a few of them on the battlefield will overwhelm you and your team.

The strider’s boxy front has a protective layer of armor which makes it almost invulnerable from the front. However, killing the Automaton driving the machine will stop the Scout. Additionally, if you shoot them on their legs, the machine will topple down, exposing the Automaton for the kill.

8. Tank

Image Courtesy: Helldivers 2 wiki

We end the list of all enemy types in Helldivers 2 with some classic war machinery. The tank is well a, well, a tank that the Automatons send out on the battlefield. While it does have a slow turning speed, the tank hits extremely hard and can easily blow Helldivers away.

Fortunately, the tank does have a weak spot in the form of its back. To tackle that, I recommend either using an Anti-Tank missile there or calling in heavy stratagems to take it out. However, if you’re feeling extra brave, you can get on top of it and drop a few grenades to take it out.

These are all the enemies you fight in Helldivers 2. As the game is a live-service title, we will definitely get more enemies to fight against, along with some new weapons. Rest assured, you’ll know about it as soon as we do.

So, which enemy type in Helldivers 2 is the most annoying to you? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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