Google Search educational features

Google Search Adds New Educational Tools, Resources for Students

Google Search educational features

Google, to enhance the search experience, continually adds various new features to its Google Search. Recently, we saw the company add dark mode support and new info cards to its online search service. Now, Google Search has gained interactive quizzes and step-by-step examples for physics, chemistry, and maths. This is to help students and learners get more relevant search results when they come to the website for help.

Google announced the new Search features via an official blog post. The company, in the post, states that users will now find the best educational resources on Google Search from across the web. It will help parents, teachers, and students better adapt to the recent shift to remote learning. The new features include interactive quizzes, step-by-step examples, and 3D AR models of various STEM concepts.

So, for example, if you now search for, say “Physics Practice Problems” on search, you will get dedicated tabs displaying quizzes and resources from various online educational platforms. These include Byju’s, Toppr, Chegg, Kahoot!, BBC Bitesize, and many others.

Google search new features

You can start answering the quiz questions right on the Google Knowledge Panel and submit the answers directly from the search client. Moreover, you get additional tabs for examples, videos, books, and even calculators in the same window.

Google search new features

The new Google Search features work on desktops as well as on smartphones. On your Android or iOS phone, you will also get to view some educational diagrams and models in AR to better understand them. This feature will be available for compatible smartphones and will offer users a 3D perspective of a particular chemical bond diagram or a physics explanation.

The features are currently only available in the English language, The company, however, has “plans to expand to more languages” in the coming weeks.

Further, the new search features also support various screen readers and are designed for improved keyboard usage. These are to help people with motor disabilities to search for educational resources on the platform without any hassle.

So, if you have been using Google Search to aid your learning process, then these new features will surely help you in a great way. And if you are a teacher, teaching on video calls, you can use these new Google Search features to improve your remote-teaching process.

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