Google Partners With Samsung, Rebrands Nearby Share to Quick Share

Nearby Share rebranded to Quick Share
In Short
  • Google has rebranded Nearby Share to Quick Share in partnership with Samsung.
  • The Quick Share SDK will now host Nearby Share SDK, thereby adding support for Nearby Share support to the Quick Share protocol.
  • The rollout of the new Quick Share should begin in a few months.

A few weeks ago, there were reports of Google potentially partnering with Samsung to merge Nearby Share and Quick Share, and rebranding the former to the latter. It turns out all the reports were true as Google has officially announced the merger, and Nearby Share is now called Quick Share. Here’s everything you need to know about Quick Share on Android.

For those unaware, Nearby Share has been a part of Android for almost four years now, and it’s used to transfer files from one Android device to another over Wi-Fi, i.e. if they both support the protocol. Nearby Share is available on all relatively modern devices, including Samsung phones. However, Samsung phones also support “Quick Share,” which was Samsung’s own implementation of file sharing that only works with other Samsung devices.

Merging Nearby Share and Quick Share would allow Android users, regardless of their device make, to share files without any hiccups, making the experience more cohesive.

According to Mishaal Rahman, Samsung’s Quick Share SDK now runs Google’s Nearby Share SDK together to allow all Nearby Share-enabled devices to appear in the Quick Share menu.

Among other things, Google also announced Fast Pair support for Chromecasts with Google TV and is reportedly also working on a “Cast to Devices Nearby” feature, showcased at CES 2023. It would allow you to seamlessly transfer media playback from Pixel Pro phones to the Pixel Tablet when the latter is docked.

It looks like Google’s going big on ecosystem features, something that Android has lacked for years. Google also added they’re working with PC manufacturers such as LG to bundle their Quick Share Windows client into their devices.

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