Google Play Games Now Makes It Easier to Play Together with Friends

google play games - play with friends

A couple of weeks ago, an APK teardown revealed that Google was planning to add a new ‘Play Together‘ feature to Play Games. The app has today received this feature in the form of a new ‘Social’ tab that lets you add friends and see if you are interested in trying out a game they play.

As pointed out by Android Police, this feature is currently rolling out via a server-side update. You should now see a new ‘Social’ tab at the far right of the bottom navigation bar when you fire up the app. It replaces the profile tab and shows you a list of friends (which you will need to invite and add to your account).

You can view the profile of any of your friends in Play Games. Here, you would see a comparison between your levels and Play Store links to their recently played titles.

As seen in the screenshots below, Google Play Games also includes privacy controls under the social tab. You can choose who all can see your game activity. You have 3 options, including only you, friends or everyone. The feature also allows you to select whether games can access your friends list or not, making it easier to invite any other players to enjoy a game or two. It would come in super handy in multi-player games like Call of Duty Mobile or Headball 2.

Almost every tech giant is currently trying to perk up their offerings to help users during quarantine or lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t received the new social tab, we suggest you try to ‘force stop’ the app and restart it to force a server-side update. Stay safe, stay indoors and enjoy games with friends in the meantime.

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