Google Pixel Watch 2 Will Come Stacked With Different Watch Faces: Report

1st generation Google Pixel Watch

We are highly stoked about the upcoming Google Pixel 8 devices as they promise to bring some major upgrades and improvements. However, amidst our excitement for these upcoming smartphones, let’s not forget that a previous leak has hinted at the launch of the 2nd generation Pixel Watch with the Pixel 8 lineup. With the next iteration of Google’s debut smartwatch, there is a huge room for advancement both on the software and hardware end. To substantiate that, we have been treated with a major development regarding the upcoming smartwatch. Keep reading to know about it.

New Watch Faces for Pixel Watch 2

Android Authority has exclusively reported that the next iteration of the Google Pixel Watch will cut no corners when it gets to Watch Faces. As revealed by a source within Google, there will be a plethora of options for users to choose from. If you are into minimalistic watch faces, it will be there. If you are into highly complex watch faces, you will have those options as well. You will be even able to create your own watch faces. There will be four broad categories to choose from.

The first is Accessible. Based on the name it is easy to understand that this watch face category will focus on minimalism and bold watch elements. These watch faces will be a no-nonsense distraction-free option for those of you who do not enjoy a lot of elements within their watch faces. There will be a “Just Time” option that will only show the time, a “Circular” option that will indicate the current battery percentage in a circular format, a “Linear” option that will represent the time and the date at the top in a horizontal manner, and a “Stacked Time” option that will show the time in the Just Time format with the date in a circular enclosure beside it.

The next one is named Arc. Here, you will get six watch faces to choose from. These watch faces will be extremely customizable with the ability to showcase intricate details right onto your wrist. You will be able to keep several indices like the date, time, chronograph, and much more. Apart from this, you will be able to decide whether the second-hand stays or not and how many complications of the watch face you want to show.

Keeping in line with Android 14’s Dynamic Theming, two new categories will make entry into the 2nd gen Pixel Watch; Bold Digital and Analog Bold. Under Bold Digital, there will be two options, Just Time and Radial. These watch faces will use Material You color theming with overlapping colors and fonts. These watch faces will pop up on your screen and will cover the entire width of it either with just the time or with additional information based on your watch face preference.

In the case of Analog Bold, you will get five distinct watch faces to choose from that will be highly customizable just like the Arc interface, but with filled hour hands and bold numerals. The minute, hour, and second hand will have a shadow-cast effect and the entire watch interface will be presented in the form of a background.

  • Accessible Watch Faces
  • Arc Watch Faces
  • Bold Digital Watch Faces
  • Bold Analog Watch Faces

All of the above-mentioned watch faces will be part of the Watch Face Format for Wear OS that will ship with Wear OS 4. Apart from this, the upcoming Pixel Watch is expected to ship with a Wi-Fi-only variant and a Wi-Fi+LTE variant. An earlier rumor has also suggested that the smartwatches will be powered by the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chipset. Additionally, the smartwatch is also expected to bring several OS and battery improvements.

As of yet not much is available about the 2nd-gen Pixel Watch. We will keep you posted as we receive more details about the device. In the meanwhile, comment down your thoughts on these expected watch faces below.

Featured Image: Google Pixel Watch (2022)

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