Google Phone App Is Getting a Lookup Feature to Identify Unknown Callers

Google Phone App Is Getting a Lookup Feature to Identify Unknown Callers
In Short
  • Google is preparing to add a "Lookup" feature to Google Phone.
  • The feature appears on unsaved numbers in your Recents list.
  • When you tap on Lookup, the app opens your device's web browser and searches for the number on the web.

From Google Messages to Contacts, and Google’s Dialer app, Google’s communication suite has seen vast improvements and feature additions over the years. Google recently added per-contact ringtones in Contacts, and it looks like the search engine giant could soon add a lookup feature in the Google Phone app. Here’s what you need to know.

Google apps feature spotter AssembleDebug first spotted the “Lookup” feature by enabling a flag in Google Phone’s version 127.0.620688474. The feature pops up when you tap on an unknown number in your recent calls.

While the name might suggest that Google is working on a Truecaller-like caller ID lookup feature, that’s not the case. When you tap the Lookup icon, it opens your default browser and searches for the number on the web (A truly complex feature indeed!), which implies the feature will help find businesses associated with the number rather than individuals.

Image Courtesy: AssembleDebug | Edited by Beebom

The feature is currently live in Japan with the March feature drop but could be released globally soon. AssembleDebug also spotted a small UI change in the dialer app which isn’t very significant and something to brag about.

We wish it were similar to Truecaller since Google has done some work on user profiles via RCS and connected apps. I hope Google someday bakes in a Truecaller-like caller ID feature into Google Phone.

What are your thoughts on the Lookup feature on the Google Phone app? Do you like the features and user experience the app has on offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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