Google Maps Working on a New Feature to Show Brightly Lit Streets

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Google Maps is reportedly working on a feature to highlight brightly lit streets in the application. The feature was first spotted by XDA Developers in an APK teardown of the map application.

The feature is an attempt from Google to make night-time travel and commute safer for users by helping them avoid streets with poor lighting. It’s reportedly named ‘Lighting’ and will show brightly lit streets in yellow colour, according to code found during the teardown.

Since this feature was spotted in a teardown, there’s no telling when (or if) it will ever actually see the light of day (no pun intended), but it does look like it could be a handy tool to make users feel safer. It also falls in line with Google’s recent attempts at making Google Maps better at ensuring safety of its users. The company had earlier added a ‘Stay Safer’ feature in India that warned users if their cab driver went off-route on a trip.

There’s also no telling whether Google will roll this feature out globally, or in specific-regions. However, India seems like a country where this feature should make an appearance, considering the many cases of sexual harassment and assault in the country, and the fact that street-lighting here is extremely poor.

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s no guarantee that this feature will ever be rolled out, and it could just be an internal test Google is running. Still, we’ll keep you updated regarding this, and other updates to the Google Maps app.

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SOURCE XDA Developers
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