Google Lens Gets ‘Education Mode’ to Help Students With Math Equations

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With most schools in the US and around the world grappling with how to restart classes safely amidst the pandemic, Google has introduced new tools to helps students at home with an ‘Education Mode’ in Google Lens. In a blog post, Google claimed that the new features will help students better understand STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts and will help improve comprehension and understanding of core topics.

One of the most notable new additions is a new homework filter in Google Lens which enables students to take a photo of any math or science equation and use the AI software to get step-by-step guides to solve the problem. Google Lens will also provide detailed explainers to help students understand the core concept better, the company said. The Education Mode in Google Lens is currently rolling out via a server-side update.

It is worth noting that the same functionality is also available in ‘Socratic‘, the mobile learning app that Google acquired in 2018. The company also has other learning apps, including one called ‘Read Along‘ that uses Google’s speech recognition technology to help develop reading skills in children. It was originally launched last year in India as ‘Bolo’ before being rolled out globally recently.

Additionally, Google is also rolling out various resources for students across its other services, including Search. According to the company: “Visualizing STEM concepts can be hard without labs or hands-on learning tools. Now, students can see 3D content on Search for nearly 100 STEM concepts across biology, chemistry and more using compatible Android and iOS devices. If students search for ‘Quantum mechanical model’, they can view a 3D atom up close and use augmented reality (AR) to bring it into their space”. You can see the aforementioned 3D model in the GIF below.

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