google lens on chrome desktop

Google Lens on Chrome Desktop Now Lets You Search Without Leaving the Current Page

google lens on chrome desktop

At its Search On event, Google unveiled its plans to bring Google Lens to Chrome on desktop. With this integration, you will now be able to select images, videos, or text from websites and search them with Lens in the same tab.

Google Lens on Chrome Desktop

Once available, you can right-click on any part of the website on Chrome and choose ‘Search Part of the Page with Google Lens’. You will then see an interface to drag over any portion within the page. Soon after, Google Lens will show the search results at the right-side panel, which means you can browse the results without leaving the current page.

The biggest improvement to Google Lens announced at the event, however, has to the arrival of Multitask Unified Model (MUM). Right now, Google Lens is capable of bringing you similar images based on a photo. Over the coming months, Google Lens will gain the ability to let you ask questions about what you see in the search results.

“With this new capability, you can tap on the Lens icon when you’re looking at a picture of a shirt, and ask Google to find you the same pattern — but on another article of clothing, like socks,” says Google.

In addition, Google is making it easier for iOS users to access Google Lens. Pages opened through the Google app on iOS will soon have a dedicated Google Lens button. This way, you can easily search images on a web page from your iPhone’s Google app.

For other announcements at the Search On event, you can take a look at Google’s official recap video.

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