Google Fit update website

Google Fit Updated With Revamped Homescreen; Wear OS Gets Redesigned Weather App

Google Fit update website

The Google Fit app on Android and iOS is getting an update that the company says will make it easier to find all their fitness data in one place. As part of the plan, the app now gets a dedicated easy-to-view hub that not only enables users to view a summary of their metrics on the homescreen, but also to check whether they are meeting their daily and weekly goals for Heart Points and Steps.

The hub also enables users to view their most recent workout and keep track of their heart rate, weight and blood pressure trends over time, the company said in an official blog post. The app also gets a new sharing feature that enables users to share stats, routes or photos from their favorite Google Fit journal entries to social media or messaging apps.

The update also brings more sleep information into Google Fit, enabling users to track their nightly activity, view sleep stages, set a goal for their bedtime schedule and more, via connected devices like the Fossil Gen 5E or supported apps like Sleep Cycle.

Alongside the Google Fit app, some elements on Wear OS are also getting updated. Firstly, Google is adding shortcuts in the Google Fit Workouts Tile in Wear OS to show users their most recent workouts. Another notable new update is a brighter, bolder design for the weather app on Wear OS. According to the company, the new design will be easier on the eye and provide users with more relevant forecast details, including precipitation and weather alerts.

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Last, but definitely not the least, the update brings a new ‘Breathe Tile’ that the company claims will help users decompress with easier access to guided breathing sessions. “Once it’s finished, you can view a summary that includes how your heart rate changed between the beginning and end, and you can also see a recap of your breathing sessions for the week”, said the company. The updates will be rolling out in the next few days.

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