Google Claims That Android 12 Is “By Far” the Most Downloaded Beta Ever

Android 12 Is “By Far” the Most Downloaded Beta Ever

Following the release of the first Android 12 developer preview update earlier this year, Google’s upcoming mobile OS is currently on its second public beta. We have already got a taste of the various new features that are coming with Android 12. And now we know that the Android 12 beta is “by far” the most downloaded/ installed beta of Android ever.

When a new developer preview or beta version of Android 12 releases, the community jumps on to find the new features as well as the hidden codes of potential upcoming features. However, there are some data that the community cannot access or know. For instance, the download statistics such as how many devices are currently running the Android 12 betas are strictly exclusive to Google and its employees.

However, as per a recent tweet by Dave Burke (Twitter/@davey_burke), the Vice President of Engineering for Android at Google, “Android 12’s beta is by far our most downloaded/ installed beta ever”. You can check out the tweet right below.

Now, although Burke says that Android 12 is the most downloaded and installed beta in the company’s history, no numbers were provided by the engineer. As a result, we do not know exactly know how many devices are currently running the Android 12 beta. You can check out whether your device will get the Android 12 update or not via the linked article.

So, with that aside, if you are currently using a Pixel device, you can download and run the Android 12 beta 2, which Google released recently. You can check out our in-depth guide on how to install and run Android 12 beta on your Pixel via the corresponding link. Also, do let us know about your experience with the updates in the comments below. However, it is worth mentioning that beta versions might contain major bugs. So, try downloading it on a device other than your daily driver.

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