Google Seeks Your Input on New Bard Features You Want in 2024

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In Short
  • A Product Manager at Google is asking Reddit users to share their feature requests to improve Bard in 2024.
  • Few of the popular requests are a standalone Bard app for Android and iOS, fixing the hallucination issue, multimodal support, and more.
  • Some of the feature requests are already in the pipeline and will be added to Bard in early 2024.

In December 2023, Google launched Gemini, its most powerful AI model yet. The search giant also brought Gemini Pro to Bard users to try the new AI model. Google is constantly improving Bard, its ChatGPT competitor, and adding new features such as Google Bard Extensions, image support, etc. Now, a product manager at Google is seeking responses for new features people would like to see in Bard in 2024.

Pass Your Bard Feature Wishlist to Google

Chris Gorgolewski, a PM on the Google Bard team is asking users to share new feature requests on Bard’s subreddit (visit). Google is serious about bringing new and advanced features to make Bard as feature-rich as ChatGPT.

Google has already announced that Gemini Ultra is coming to Bard Advanced in early 2024, but we would like to see more features in Bard to utilize the model’s capability fully.

For example, file upload including PDF summarization is a basic feature Google should add right away to Bard. We are also waiting for Google to add true multimodal capability to Bard using the Gemini Pro model. We have already demonstrated Gemini Pro’s multimodal capability in a separate article using the API key. This will bring true visual analysis features to Bard, just like GPT-4V.

Apart from that, Reddit users have added their feedback with requests for new features and tools. Popular requests include integrating Bard with Google Assistant, longer contextual memory, resolving hallucination issues, image generation using Imagen 2, and more. Moreover, people are asking for a separate Bard app for both Android and iOS, which would be pretty cool.

Some developers also want better code generation from Bard. I think Bard Advanced users will be able to access Google DeepMind’s AlphaZero 2 model for superior AI coding assistance in the next couple of months.

So if you have a feature request to improve Bard, go ahead and share your 2024 Bard Wishlist with the team on Reddit.

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