Google Rolling out New Assistant Settings Page on Android

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Google is improving the Assistant Settings page on Android with a minor redesign. The redesign highlights five options namely Routines, Music, Basic info, Languages, and Voice Match.

Apart from these 5 popular controls, Google is emphasizing on two other sections – You and Devices through a card layout. ‘You’ section highlights your personal preferences, while Devices shows linked smart home gadgets and personal devices.

You still get all the options that were available before, arranged in alphabetical order. If you scroll all the way down, you will see a ‘View all/less settings’ button to expand or shrink the list. As 9to5Google notes, there are a total of 34 controls to tweak your Assistant.

google assistant settings
Image: 9to5Google

Google has also added a dedicated ‘General’ section that shows options such as ‘Use screen context’ and ‘Donate screen captures’. Previously, these controls were present in Assistant Devices -> Phone -> General.

Google is rolling out the new Assistant page through a server-side change to some users in the latest beta of Google app having the version 11.24. However, when I checked, it was not live on my phone with Google app beta

In typical Google fashion, it might take a few days for the new Assistant page to appear on your Android smartphone. We could expect a wider rollout soon if there are no major hiccups in this latest test. Meanwhile, there is no information regarding the availability of the new page on the iOS side of things.

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