Google’s Art Selfie 2 Tool Can Transform Your Photos into Paintings

Google Art Selfie 2 AI tool
In Short
  • Google's Art Selfie 2 tool uses AI to morph your selfie into popular paintings across history and culture.
  • It is a modern generative AI-backed refresh of the original Art Selfie tool that puts your face in existing artworks.
  • Available within the Google Arts & Culture app on Android and iOS, there are up to 27 distinct styles to choose from.

If you ever wonder what you would look like in a Renaissance painting or as an astronaut in space, you must try out the Art Selfie 2 AI tool that you can find within the Google Arts & Culture app.

Art Selfie 2 is the successor to the original Art Selfie tool that was introduced back in 2018. It helped you find your look-alike throughout art history. Its 2024 iteration uses generative AI to edit your selfies into 27 different styles across art, history, and cultural events.

It creates a stylized image around your face to match the style you have chosen. It only alters your hair, head, coverings, jewelry, and other apparel. Your face, however, stays the same. It even shows trivia related to the style as it processes your image, which I found to be quite engaging.

To use this tool, download the Google Arts & Culture app on your Android or iOS device, then head to the Play tab from the bottom navigation bar and tap on Art Selfie 2 to start using it.

Download Google Arts and Culture app then head to the play section and tap on Google Art Selfie 2

To take another selfie just tap on Retake, and if you are not satisfied with the result, you can tap on the refresh icon. If you like the image, you can proceed to share or download the image.

Retake Refresh share or download selfies in Google Art Selfie 2

As for privacy, your selfie stays with Google and only you or the people you have shared them with. I feel like this is an interesting attempt by the company to teach users about history as well as other cultures. The results might not turn out to be perfect, but they are well worth a try.

Have you tried creating your Art Selfie? If not then try it out and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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