Google Makes it Mandatory for Android Phones to Have Over 2GB RAM

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The idea of having at least 2GB RAM on your smartphone isn’t far fetched. Not in this day and age. However, while flagship Android smartphones come with an ever increasing amount of RAM, phones on the very entry-level of the Android market aren’t as lucky.

Well, Google is trying to make things slightly better for the Android ecosystem. And in doing so, it’s also making things better for Android Go at the same time. The Mountain View giant has announced that it will require all Android phones with Android 10 or Android 11 to have at least 2GB RAM starting from Q4 2020. 

How does this make things better for Android Go? Well, phones that have less than 2GB RAM will have to run Android Go, and be marketed as such. However, the change only applies for phones launching in Q4 2020 with Android 10 or Android 11. All Android smartphones sold prior to Q4 2020 will remain Android phones.

Moreover, the company is trying to make Android Go phones better as well. Previously, Android Go phones could have as little as 512MB RAM. That’s way too less, and Google thinks so as well. The company has decided that Android Go phones should have a minimum of 1GB RAM. Phones with 512MB RAM will not be allowed to install GMS.

All of this should end up doing two good things. One, the very entry-level Android phones should now perform slightly better thanks to the requirement of at least 2GB RAM. And two, Android Go phones will now have better performance thanks to the minimum 1GB RAM requirement. Plus, we may see more Android Go devices because of the 2GB RAM threshold.

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