Google Is Prepping an AI Model That Will Tell More About Your Life

google project ellmann in works
In Short
  • Google might be working on a new AI model, Project Ellmann
  • This will use the recent Gemini model to tell more about a person's life
  • It will be based on a user's smartphone data and photos

Google isn’t done with its AI endeavors! The search giant just introduced its ‘most powerful‘ AI model called Gemini and it seems like is now working on a new project, which will be able to tell more about your life like never before.

A report by CNBC suggests that the new AI model, Project Ellmann (named after biographer and literary critic Richard David Ellmann) will be based on Google’s Large Language Models (LLMs) like the very recent Gemini to give out the ‘bird’s-eye view‘ of a user’s life. It will use people’s phones to gather data like search results and photos and form interpretations about their lives. With this, the AI model could safely become people’s ‘Life Story Teller.

Google Gemini AI featured
Google’s recently introduced Gemini AI model

Project Ellmann, as Google’s project manager via a presentation at an internal summit, says, will “pull in context using biographies, previous moments and subsequent photos to describe a user’s photos more deeply than ‘just pixels with labels and metadata.’

By going through the photos and their tags and locations, the AI model will also be able to identify important moments in a person’s life. One example that the product manager shares is that the model will be able to identify a reunion photo. “It’s exactly 10 years since he graduated and is full of faces not seen in 10 years so it’s probably a reunion,” the presentation showcased.

Besides inferring several life moments, Project Ellmann will also comprise a ChatGPT-like arrangement, ‘Ellmann Chat.’ This will be a conversational AI model, which people will be able to use to ask questions. The added perk will be the pre-received knowledge of the user.

The AI model will also determine your eating habits, purchasing choices, and other interests. It could also tell your favorite or most-used apps and websites. It remains to be seen whether or not this proposed model will see the light of the day and if it does, there’s no timeline with us as of now. Plus, there’s no word on whether or not it will integrated into Google apps like Google Photos.

Beebom’s Take!

All in all, this new model will provide a more personal feel as it will have more knowledge about you. With this, you can get information about your life moments more than what’s happening in the world and this could be fun. That said, we don’t how well it will be able to infer information based on mobile phone data.

Plus, the privacy part is always an important aspect and we don’t how properly Project Ellmann will focus on it. There are a lot of unanswered questions related to Google’s upcoming AI project and until there’s some official word, it would be best to take these details with a grain of salt. We will keep you posted with new details, so, stay tuned. Also, what are your thoughts about Project Ellmann? Do share in the comments below!

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