GM Will Resurrect Hummer as an Electric Pickup Truck: Report

GM Will Resurrect Hummer as an Electric Pickup Truck
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According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, General Motors is planning to revive the Hummer brand that got discontinued in 2010 by launching an electric pickup truck.

The company will reportedly promote the return of Hummer with NBA superstar LeBron James. As part of promotions, James will feature in a commercial that will be aired during Super Bowl next month.

Rather than being a stand-alone brand, General Motors will bring back Hummer as one of the models in the company’s lineup of vehicles. This apparently hints that Hummer will not be as prevalent as it used to be.

The resurrection of Hummer would certainly be good news for all the Hummer enthusiasts out there. Now that the vehicle would be electric, the environmental concerns are addressed as well.

I hope General Motors offers decent specifications to survive in the competitive electric pickup truck segment involving offerings of Tesla, Ford, and Rivian. We will have to wait to learn more about the technical specifications of the pickup truck including the range and battery capacity.

The report suggests that the new Hummer electric pickup truck is expected to retail starting in early 2022. In fact, this pickup truck will be one of the first electric pickup trucks and SUVs in GM’s timeline. It will be available in limited numbers and will be a “rugged, jeep-like pickup truck for off-road enthusiasts”.

Once it comes out, there is no doubt that it would compete against the likes of Tesla Cybertruck. So, are you excited about the resurrection of Hummer? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE The Wall Street Journal
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