Meet The Girl Who Cries Tears of Blood. Yes, You Heard It Right!

Twinkle, a 13 year old girl from Lucknow suffers from something that still hasn’t got any name in scientific books. For the past two years, she’s been crying tears of blood.

She is a completely normal teenager who loves playing with her friends. But, almost two days of every week; she experiences blood gushing out from her head, eyes, legs and even ears.

Much to her family’s shock, whenever she washes the blood off there isn’t even a bruise for the blood to occur in the first place.

Her family has taken her to various doctors round the globe but haven’t found any success to cure the problem. The Indian doctors at AIIMS even believe that she is merely doing this to grab attention; faking it.

While elders in her locality claim that she is possessed with a spirit that is making sure that blood rushes out from her body. Some have even gone to the extent of stating that she is going through what Jesus Christ did in his final crucifixion.

Is Twinkle blessed or possessed? Is she is having a rare disease or is merely faking it? Is she a victim of child abuse or a cancer patient in waiting?

Watch the following video to find all the answers.

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