How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

In Short
  • Rare Candy is a commodity in Pokemon GO that your Pokemon can use to level up substantially.
  • While you cannot purchase rare candy, they drop through various methods, mainly from raid battles.
  • Furthermore, you can get Rare Candy by playing the PvP or research that includes the item as a reward.

Candies are a commodity you’ll frequently use in Pokemon GO. Besides making them combat-ready, these sweets also improve your Pokemon. However, more than one type of candies exist. Rare Candy, for instance, is a commodity that proves to be even more useful in Pokemon Evolution. As you would expect, you can only get rare candy in Pokemon GO through a few limited methods. Well, don’t fret, as we wanted some, too, and decided to create a guide on the same. So, with that, let’s begin!

Pokemon GO Rare Candy: What Is It and When to Use It

Rare candy is a usable item in Pokemon GO that the Pokemon in your inventory can consume. Players use it to increase their Pokemon Combat Power or CP. However, the amount of CP you can improve through a rare candy is substantially higher than that of a standard candy. You can also use rare candy to evolve your Pokemon in some instances.

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You get two variants of Rare Candy. The standard is the regular Rare Candy. The other is the Rare Candy XL, dropped from Raid Battles of three stars or higher.

It would be best to use your rare candy when you reach the maximum usage for a standard candy. The game stops accepting normal candies to level up your character at a certain CP level. In such a case, if you have a Pokemon that you want to level up, use a rare candy.

Additionally, it is best to save up your Rare Candy for Pokemon that will help you out, like a rare Pokemon you’ve caught. Also, using the candy on a Legendary Pokemon is a good idea, as their level-up requirements can be cumbersome.

How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

Much like PokeCoins in Pokemon GO, there are a few ways to get this item in-game. However, outside of these methods, you don’t have many options. Furthermore, you cannot purchase Rare Candy using real-world money. Have a look at the various ways below:

  • Take part in Raids: Raids are a timely feature in Pokemon GO where a boss Pokemon takes over a gym. You can go at it solo or with other players and try taking out this boss Pokemon in the gym. One of the rewards for this includes rare candy.
  • Play more Battle League Matches: Like the traditional Pokemon, you can fight other players with a team of three Pokemon in PvP. Successfully defeating or even playing some PvP battles will net you rare candies as a reward.
  • Complete relevant Field Research tasks: In Pokemon GO, you’ll receive various tasks in the form of field research. These require you to complete a set amount of tasks to receive items and rewards. Sometimes, certain research tasks will reward you with a rare candy. Hence, try to recognize these tasks and complete them.
  • Buy Premium Raid Pass: Premium Raid pass is a purchasable item you can buy. This enters you into the Premium Raid track, where you receive better items for rewards. This includes higher chances to get rare candy. This is the only purchasable option in-game.
  • Get them as an Adventure Sync Reward: Adventure sync is a feature in Pokemon GO where you let the game grab your walking data even when you are not playing. Completing the weekly goals set by the game will reward you with items, and one of the potential drops can be multiple rare candies when you walk over 25 km.
  • Trainer Battle Rewards: Another method to receive a rare candy in Pokemon GO is through trainer battles. These are practice battles you can fight against the three trainers in-game. If you fight in the Ultra League or Great League training, you have a small chance of getting these candies.

How to Get Rare Candy XL in Pokemon GO

Rare candy XL is a better form of Rare candy that allows you to level up your Pokemon once they hit that level 40 cap. Getting these is much harder, and the chances are also smaller. Some methods to get rare candy XL are:

  • As a Level-Up Reward: If you level up over 40 in Pokemon GO, you can get the Rare Candy XL for reaching the ranks.
  • Completing Level 43, 45, 48, and 50 Special Research: Much like Rare Candies, you can finish four specific Special Research to receive this item as a reward.

We hope you now know how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO. Do you know any other methods to collect these candies in-game? Let us know in the comments below.

Are there any restrictions on using Rare Candy on other Pokemon?

There are no restrictions on who you can use Rare Candy on. As long as you have a Pokemon in your Pokedex, you can use the item on them.

How many Rare Candies can you get from Raid Boss battles?

Rare Candy drop in raid boss battles depends on your performance and gym affiliation. The better you perform as a team, the higher the chances of getting a Rare Candy. As such, you can get a minimum of 1-3 candies.

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