7 Best Free Pokemon Games for Switch and Mobile

It’s almost impossible to find anyone who doesn’t love Pokemon games. Even I’ve had my fair share of fun with Generations 3 and 4. However, there might be days when you run out of Pokemon games on your trusty Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, there exist a handful of free Pokemon games for both Switch and mobile devices that allow for hours of fun. So, if you want the best free Pokemon games, here you are.

1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Image courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO

Before the beginning of most of the games on this list, Pokemon GO was the first one to come out. The game managed to combine the joys of catching Pokemon along with walking for health. As such, Pokemon GO required gamers to walk around and catch Pokemon using Pokeballs.

Different locations and weather conditions change the Pokemon type, and you can find Pokemon from generations one to nine. Furthermore, you have unique features such as gym battles, landmarks to replenish your items, and even raid bosses. If you like walking or plan to start walking, try Pokemon GO on Android and iOS, as the app isn’t on Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, there’s a brand-new season running in-game.

Download: Android, iOS

2. Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE free games for Nintendo Switch and Mobile
Image courtesy: Nintendo/Pokemon UNITE

MOBAs are arguably one of the most popular video game genres for a lot of reasons. We’ve had League of Legends and DOTA 2 dominating the sphere for over a decade now. Pokemon UNITE is an earnest attempt to get some share of that player base while keeping things fun.

UNITE is 5v5 MOBA, where players go against each other and try to capture respective control points. You can choose from 62 different Pokemon across generations, each belonging to different elements. The fights also work like a typical Pokemon showdown. Furthermore, there is complete crossplay between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, so you and your friend can team up.

Download: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

3. Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon masters EX free games for Nintendo Switch and Mobile
Image courtesy: DeNA co/Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX is a 3v3 turn-based mobile game where you and a Pokemon trainer pair up to form a sync pair. Together, you guys collect badges, fight other pairs, and win as many matches as possible to capture the Pokemon Master League.

The game takes place in a new location, the island of Pasio. It features almost every gym trainer in each video game. The game is made for mobile phones and is a good choice for people looking for new Pokemon games but want to try a different experience.

Download: Android, iOS

4. Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest Free games for Mobile and Nintendo Switch
Image courtesy: Nintendo/Pokemon Quest

Developed by Game Freak, Pokemon Quest is an action RPG where you navigate the island of Tumblecube and go out on an adventure. The game features boxy visuals, which are different from your average Pokemon experience, and cute Pokemon you can befriend to help you in your adventures.

You set off with a team of three Pokemon on an expedition to Tumblecube Island in search of treasures. While the Pokemon automatically move, players only need to direct their attacks when wild Pokemon approach. Pokemon Quest is perfect for days when you want some casual gaming.

Download: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

5. Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe ReMix for Nintendo Switch and Mobile phones free games
Image courtesy: Nintendo/Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe ReMIX is a puzzle game where you run a cafe with your Pokemon for other Pokemon. You can recruit various Pokemon to help you in your day-to-day jobs and solve puzzles to serve your customers.

Once you solve the puzzle and serve your Pokemon customers, you can recruit them to increase your workforce. As you continuously improve, you can customize the look of your Pokemon workforce.

Download: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

6. Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Pokemon Magikarp Jump for Mobile
Image courtesy: Nintendo/Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

A game dedicated to one of the popular Pokemon in the series – Magikarp. Pokemon: Magikarp Jump tasks you to catch various kinds of Magikarp and train them to jump high enough. You have various decorations to pretty up the pond.

The goal is to improve your Magikarp’s jumping capability with each generation and have a Magikarp that can jump high. If you have ever loved Magikarp or want to play a casual title on your mobile phone when you are bored, try Magikarp Jump.

Download: Android, iOS

7. Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
Image courtesy: Nintendo/Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Pokemon Shuffle is another puzzle game in which you play the classic game of Shuffle. You match three or more Pokemon horizontally or vertically and match them with the right set. The goal is to remove as many Pokemon from the tiles as possible and defeat the highlighted Pokemon within a given time.

The game is intuitive, easy to pick, and possibly one of the simplest games on this list. Unfortunately, you cannot download the Nintendo 3DS version as Nintendo 3DS online services have gone offline.

Download: Android, iOS

These are the best free Pokemon games on mobile phones, and Nintendo Switch you can currently play. Unfortunately, the choices right now are few and far between Nonetheless, these are some great games to kill boredom on the go.

So, did you play any of these free Pokemon games? Let us know in the comments below!

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