Genshin Impact Chiori: Kit, Best Build, Weapons & More

In Short
  • Chiori is a five-star Geo character in Genshin Impact and she wields a Sword.
  • She split-scales off of Defense and Attack, and works well with Husk of Opulent Dreams and Golden Troupe artifact sets.
  • Her talents and passives summon automaton dolls, which do good Geo damage.

Chiori is a 5-star Geo character who wields a Sword. She is the only new character in the Genshin Impact 4.5 version. She is a sub DPS and her kit scales both on Attack and Defense, with higher Defense scaling than Attack. The gorgeous seamstress of Fontaine can do some serious damage if built correctly. Here is how you can build Chiori in Genshin Impact to get the best out of her kit.

Genshin Impact Chiori Kit and Best Rotation

Chiori is a Geo character who wields a sword. Her kit is perfect for an off-field DPS, and her elemental burst is her biggest damage source. Here is a brief overview of Chiori’s kit in Genshin Impact and how you should play her:

  • Chiori’s kit split scales with her Attack and Defense. It scales a slightly bit more with her Defense than Attack.
  • Chiori’s Skill summons an Automaton Doll Tamoto, which does AoE Geo Damage, while she does a sweeping attack dealing AoE Geo Damage.
  • Her Elemental Burst is a strong attack dealing AoE Geo Damage.
  • The best way to play Chiori is by using her Elemental Burst and then using her Skill, which triggers her Talent effect Tapestry, and switches her out with the next character in the roster, while allowing Tamoto to the sweeping attack dealing AoE Geo damage.

Best Chiori Builds in Genshin Impact

The best build for Chiori is the “Husk of Opulent Dreams” artifact set alongside her signature weapon Yukaru Odenkiri. Chiori is best as an off-field Sub DPS and her damage is increased with other Geo constructs created on the field.

As Chiori is a Geo character, she cannot do any offensive elemental reactions and is best paired with other Geo characters. With the correct Artifacts, she can do considerable off-field damage.

Chiori best build Genshin Impact
Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse/Genshin Impact (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Chiori scales off of both Attack and Defense, and her Defense scaling is slightly higher than her Attack. So it’s better to stack more Defense than Attack in the Artifact stats to get the best result. When it comes to her Energy Recharge, try to get 120-130% through sub-stats on mono Geo teams, to easily use her Elemental Burst with each cycle. If you are playing Chiori on a double Geo team, she will have much higher ER requirements and it’s better to prioritize her Defense and Crit stats over the ER.

Here are all the artifacts you can use for her, including the best and alternatives.

  • Husk of Opulent Dreams (Best artifact for Chiori)
  • Golden Troupe (Best alternative)
  • Archaic Petra
  • Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods

Husk of Opulent Dreams is the best Artifact set for Chiori as it gives a big boost to her Defense and allows her the most Elemental Burst damage possible with her kit. The Golden Troupe set is also a good alternative, and it allows more Skill damage than the Husk of Opulent Dreams, however, it falls short considerably when it comes to her Burst damage output.

Chiori Main and Sub-Stats Priority

Most players will play Chiori as an off-field Sub-DPS. For Chiori’s kit, Defense, Attack, Crit Rate, and Damage are the most important stats followed by Energy. Therefore, prioritize her stats in this order: Defense% > Crit Rate Crit Damage > Attack > Energy.

ArtifactMain / Sub-Stat
FlowerFlat HP | DEF % > Crit Rate Crit Damage > Attack % > Energy.
FeatherFlat ATK | DEF % > Crit Rate Crit Damage > Attack % > Energy.
SandsDEF % | Crit Rate Crit Damage > Attack % > Energy.
GobletGeo DMG | DEF % > Crit Rate Crit Damage > Attack % > Energy.
CircletCrit Damage  Crit Rate / DEF % > Attack % > Energy.

Chiori Talents

Image Courtesy: HoYoverse/Genshin Impact

Chiori’s Elemental Skill allows her to create Automaton dolls that deal AoE Geo damage based on her Defense and Attack stats. Her Elemental Burst allows her to deal with high AoE Geo damage. Here are all the details about her talents.

  • Weaving Blade (Normal Attack): Chiori performs up to 4 rapid strikes, a charged attack to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes consuming Stamina, and a plunge attack that deals AoE damage upon impact and damages opponents along the way.
  • Fluttering Hasode (Skill): Dashes forward and summons the automaton doll Tamoto beside her and sweeps her blade upward, dealing AoE Geo Damage based on her Attack and Defense. Holding the Skill causes it to behave differently, as it enters the Aiming mode to adjust the dash direction.
    The Tamoto Automaton doll slashes at nearby opponents at intervals, dealing AoE Geo Damage based on her Attack and Defense stats. While it is active, if there are more Geo Constructions presets, Geo Constructs are created nearby, then an additional Tamoto will be summoned next to the active character. Only 1 additional Tamoto can be summoned in this way and its duration is counted independently.
  • Hiyoku: Twin Blades (Elemental Burst): Chiori slices with her Twin Blades with the clean cuts of a master tailor, and deals high AoE Geo Damage based on her Attack and Defense.

Chiori Passives

Image Courtesy: HoYoverse/Genshin Impact
  • Brocaded Collar’s Beauteous Silhouette: When any party member is wearing an outfit (anything else other than the default), or is equipping a glider (other than Wings of First Flights), the party member will get the Swift Stride effect (does not stack), which increases movement speed by 10%. This effect doesn’t take effect in Domains, Trounce Domains, and the Spiral Abyss.
  • Tailor-Made: Chiori can gain two effects depending on her actions after using her elemental burst. If you use her Normal attacks after using her elemental burst, then it will trigger the Tailoring effect. If you use her Skill after using her elemental burst, then it will trigger the Tapestry effect. However, if you don’t use either her Skill or Normal attack after using her Burst within a short amount of time, then the Tailoring effect triggers by default.
    1) Tapestry effect: Switches to the next character in the roster and grants all allies Seize the Moment effect, which makes Tamoto execute a coordinated attack, dealing 100% of Fluttering Hasode’s upward speep damage as AoE Geo Damage at the opponent’s location when the active party character hits an opponent with their Normal, Charged or Plung Attackts.
    2) Tailoring: Chiori gains Geo Infusion for 5 seconds.
  • The Finishing Touch: Chiori gains 20% Geo Damage bonus for 20 seconds when a nearby party member creates a Geo Construct.

Best Weapons for Chiori

Image Courtesy: HoYoverse/Genshin Impact

Chiori’s signature weapon, Uraku Misugiri, is also her best weapon. It buffs her Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill damage considerably, and further buffs her damage based on other Geo characters dealing damage. This weapon also increases her Defense by 20%.

Here are all the weapons that can be used with her to get the best out of her kit:

  • Uraku Misugiri (Signature Weapon)
  • Primordial Jade Cutter (Best Alternative)
  • Harbinger of Dawn (Best F2P Option)
  • Cinnabar Spindle

Chiori Build: Constellations

  • Six Paths of Sage Silkcraft (C1): Increases the AoE of Tamoto summoned by Fluttering Hasode by 50%. Additionally, the following effects will trigger after using her elemental burst if another Geo character is on the team:
    1) Summon an additional Tamoto and only one additional Tamoto can exist in this way.
    2) Triggers the Passive Talent “The Finishing Touch.”
  • In Five Colors Dyed (C2): Summons a simplified automaton doll named Kinu next to the character every 3 seconds, for 10 seconds after using her Skill. Kinu attacks nearby opponents and deals AoE Geo Damage equal to 170% of Tamoto’s Damage. Kinu leaves the field after 1 attack or after lasting 3 seconds.
  • Four Brocade Embellishments (C3): Skill level + 3 up to level 15 max.
  • A Tailor’s Three Courtesies (C4): During the 8s of triggering the Tailoring effect of the Tailor Made talent, one Kinu can be summoned every 1 second, and up to 3 Kinu can be summoned during each instance of triggering Tailor Made talent. The above effect can be triggered up to once every 15s.
  • Two Silken Plumules (C5): Elemental Burst level + 3 up to level 15 max.
  • Sole Principle Pursuit (C6): The Fluttering Hasode’s cooldown is decreased by 12 seconds after triggering the follow-up effect of the Passive Talent Tailor Made. Additionally, Chiori’s Normal Attack damage increases by 235% of her DEF.

Chiori’s constellations seem very important for her damage output, especially her C2 which allows her to summon another doll, Kinu, alongside Tamoto. Although trying to get her C2 can be quite expensive, it’s better to save your Primogems for Arlecchino. Share your thoughts on Chiori in the comment section and let us know if you are going to pull her in Genshin Impact 4.5.

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