Genshin Impact Banners Until Version 4.4 Leaked: Navia, Albedo, and More!

Genshin Impact is a content-rich game and it keeps adding new content like characters, deep lore, and events, which constantly bring people back to the game. Characters are an important piece of the game for its revenue, the story, and players, and if you’ve been saving Primogems for a specific character but don’t know when it will be released, we have some good news for you. All the Genshin character banners from Version 4.2 until Version 4.4 have been leaked. If you’re at the end of your wits saving for a character, you may want to look at the leaks to retain that passion and start saving even more passionately for your upcoming favorite character.

Genshin Impact Character Banners Until 4.4

Genshin Impact Banners Until Version 4.4 Leaked: Navia, Albedo, and More!
VersionCharactersDate of Release (Expected)
4.2 Phase 1Furina and BaizhuNovember 8 – November 29
4.2 Phase 2Kamisato Ayato and CynoNovember 29 to December 20
4.3 Phase 1Navia and Arataki IttoDecember 20, 2023 – January 10, 2024
4.3 Phase 2Albedo and Raiden ShogunJanuary 10 – January 31
4.4 Phase 1Cloud Retainer and XiaoJanuary 31 – February 21
4.4 Phase 2Ganyu and ShenheFebruary 21 – March 13

We’ve already covered all the info about the second half of 4.1 which will commence in a couple of days, and 4.2 Phase 1 which will feature Furina alongside Baizhu. The second phase of Genshin Impact 4.2 will feature Kamisato Ayato and Cyno.

These leaks are the courtesy of a popular leaker Firmament and were posted on Twitter by @arth_Z3R0. Do note that this is very early info and is subject to change. However, if you’re looking for a rough idea about how it’s all going to pan out until 4.4, the above Genshin Banners leak gives you a sneak peek of what to expect.

Upcoming Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Guizhong, Cloud retainer, madame ping
From right: Madame Ping, Guizhong, Cloud Retainer

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming characters Navia and Cloud Retainer. We’re already quite familiar with them from a lore standpoint, which also gave us lots of clues about their visions and the type of weapon they’ll be wielding.

  • Navia (Geo, Claymore) (DPS (?))
  • Cloud Retainer (Anemo, Polearm) (Support (?))

As for others, you can learn more about them from our Genshin Impact tier list. However, here’s a TL;DR about their types, visions, and weapons.

  • Arataki Itto (Geo, Claymore, DPS)
  • Albedo (Geo, Sword, Sub-DPS/Support)
  • Raiden Shogun (Electro, Polearm, Sub-DPS/ Support)
  • Xiao (Anemo, Polearm, DPS)
  • Ganyu (Cryo, Bow, DPS)
  • Shenhe (Cryo, Polearm, Support/Buff)

While we’re not very sure about the 4.3 re-runs, we do think Ganyu will be getting a re-run banner in 4.4 based on the previous leaks that there are new Ganyu, Xingqiu, and Zhongli outfits in development. The skins info coincides with the 4.4 re-run info as 4.4 is also the time when Lantern Rite is released. Given Ganyu’s importance as a character and to Liyue, it’s safe to say she’s coming in 4.4. Version 4.4 should also bring a new region called Chenyu Vale.

Since the Hydro Archon will be out in version 4.2 and most of the characters before 4.4 are getting re-runs, we should see characters such as Arlecchino, Clorinde, and Chiori (Leaked 5-star from Inazuma) in versions 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7. If you’ve lost count of the upcoming characters, you can always refer to our upcoming Fontaine characters list.

What are your thoughts on the Genshin banners leaks? What are some of the characters you’re saving for that are not on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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