12 Awesome Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

The Valentine’s week is here! Love is in the air and this is the best time to confess your love but expressing your love can be pretty tough if your other half is a geek. Being geeks ourselves, we know the conventional Valentine’s Day cards can be boring with the same old mushy romantic one liners. Well, that’s the reason we are here to suggest you some awesome Valentine’s Day cards that bring the right amount of geeky and humor.

So, if your loved one is a geek and you really want to make him/her feel special, these are the cards your geeky partner will surely relate to:

1. Will You Be My Player 2: Video Game

Will You Be My Player 2 - Video Game - Valentine's Day Card

Price: $4.00

Buy: Etsy.com

2. Science Beaker Geeky Valentines Day Card

Science Beaker Geeky Valentines Day Card

Price: $3.75

Buy: Etsy.com

3. Can We Tell People We Met in a Bar? – Papercut Valentines Card

Can we tell people we met in a bar

Price: $4.40

Buy: Etsy.com

4. Star Wars Card – I love you I know

Star Wars Card, I love you I know

Price: $5.00

Buy: Etsy.com

5. Programmer Love Card

Programmer Love Card

Price: $7.00

Buy: Etsy.com

6. Funny Taken Love Card

Funny Taken Love Card,

Price: $4.00

Buy: Etsy.com

7. You’re More Awesome than Inbox Zero’ Geeky Card

You're more awesome than Inbox Zero' geek card

Price: $6.50

Buy: Etsy.com

8. Pizza Love Card

Pizza Love Card

Price: $4.50

Buy: Etsy.com

9. Sheldon Geeky Card – The Big Bang Theory Tv Show

Sheldon Geeky Card

Price: $4.65

Buy: Etsy.com

10. You Auto-Complete Me Geeky Card

You auto-complete me.

Price: $6.75

Buy: Etsy.com

11. Game Controller Geeky Valentines Day Card

Game Controller Geeky Valentines Day Card 1

Price: $2.50

Buy: Etsy.com

12. I was Programmed to Like You Geeky Card

i was programmed to like you

Price: $6.00

Buy: Etsy.com

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These V-day cards should resonate well with your geeky partner and bring out the romantic in him/her. Valentine’s day is just a few days away, so better hurry up with one of these cards. So, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below and here’s wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day in advance. Keep loving!

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