This Gamer Is Using a Building in Toronto as a Screen to Play His Favourite Games

Building as a screen feat.

As the Novel Coronavirus outbreak has us locked down in our homes, people are getting bored and doing some crazy stuff. Like this gamer in Toronto, who is using a building as his screen to play video games.

A video shared by Redditor, u/CutieGremlin, in the Toronto subreddit shows how the gamer is passing his quarantine time amidst the Coronavirus lockdown. The video titled “Playing Mario Kart during quarantine be like” showed how Dax Martin (u/CutieGremlin) is using a side of a high-rise neighbouring building as a screen to play his favourite games.

Going through the comments of the post, where Redditors could not stop asking about the projector that Martin is using, I found that he is actually using “a crappy Dell one”.

Another resident of the same condo, from which Martin is projecting the games, shared his/her version of the video initially and it looks like u/goodbyesuzy lives right above u/CutieGremlin.

Nonetheless, as Martin has been playing some of the classic games like Mario Kart, Aladdin and Bubble Bobble, the neighbours are loving every bit of it. Although the residents of 100 High Park Avenue, the building which is being used as the screen, do not know about the situation, the ones with a view of the games are really into it.

This is a really unique way of playing games and we might have missed this sight if the quarantine wasn’t in place. People come up with some crazy ideas when they have enough time to think.

Now if you’re sad that the residents of the condo in High Park Avenue are enjoying the view and you are bored at home, don’t fret. There are some ways that you can pass your quarantine time. You can watch some epic movies on Netflix or listen to some Coronavirus tunes in Spotify. Whatever you do, just do not go out!

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