Coronavirus-Themed Playlists Have Started Popping-up in Spotify

Coronavirus playlists feat.

While the Novel Coronavirus has officially turned into a pandemic, as announced by WHO, people around the globe are in a state of panic, either in quarantine or in the hospitals. In these worrying times, Spotify playlist creators have started coming up with Coronavirus-themed playlists in the music streaming platform.

If you search for “Coronavirus” right now in Spotify, you will get loads of playlists that are based on the pandemic virus. These playlists have names like – “Coronavirusready”, “Coronavirus Awesome Mix 2020” or simply “coronavirus”. The songs that the creators chose for the playlists are also kinda related to the situation. With songs like “Heal the World” by MJ and “I need a Doctor” by Eminem and Dr Dre, it seems like the creators want to convey a feeling of optimism in the community.

However, some of the users added some lo-fi chill instrumental music with a calming effect, maybe to calm the listeners down amidst these critical times. Like the one, I am currently listening to has some really soothing tunes. This playlist is “Coronavirus beats to chill/hide in my room to” created by user Listen2Listed.

Now unlike the above playlist, not all of them have calming and soothing tunes. Another playlist created by Raphael Angelo Fernandez Rios (damn, that’s a long name) is named “Coronavirus beats to panic to” includes some of the heavy-duty songs like “Sick Boy” by The Chainsmokers, “Stay Away” by Nirvana and “Harder to Breath” by Maroon 5. This playlist also contains songs like “Wuhan Girl” and “Battle of Wuhan”.

Well, as the Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire around the world, people are looking to distract themselves to escape the difficult time. So these playlists obviously won’t magically cure the disease or stop the spread, however, it may help those panicked ones to cope with the crisis.

SOURCE Business Insider
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