Apple keybord patent feat.

Future MacBooks Might Come With RGB Keyboards With Glass Keycaps

Apple keybord patent feat.

Apple often files unique patents, showcasing technology that might make its way to future products of the company. We have seen the company file patents for a foldable iMac design and an “Advanced Headlight” for future cars. Now, a recent patent application suggests that Apple is working to improve MacBook keyboards and we might see a more durable, RGB backlit keyboard in future MacBooks.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has received a lot of negative reviews for the infamous butterfly keyboards in MacBooks. Now, the patent application (No. 20200211795) in question, “Transparent Keycaps”, suggests that the trillion-dollar company is working on glass keycaps to make the keyboards of future MacBooks much more durable. Apart from durability, the patent also suggests that there are many other potential features that it might bring.

On current keyboards of the Apple laptops, the letters, numbers, and the symbols are all imprinted on top of the keys. So, this leads to fading or rubbing off of the markings on the keys.

So, to solve this issue, the Cupertino-based tech giant has been working on “a keycap for a keyboard that includes a key body comprising a top external surface.” Now, the “top external surface” would be made of glass and will be transparent. And the marking of the key inside the glass casing instead of being printed on top.

Apple Keyboard patent feat.

This will prevent the fading or rubbing off of the markings as they will be well-protected inside the glass casing.

Potential Backlighting Features for MacBook Keyboards

Additionally, the patent also suggests different implementations of the top external surface including one with backlighting options. However, according to the patent, the iPhone-makers might give a signature Apple touch to the backlighting feature.

In other backlit keyboards, the backlight shines through the markings on each key, and around it. However, Apple might add a backlight to the entire key but the marking on the key will not shine the light. As a result, the whole key will be backlit instead of just the marking.

This will give a whole new look to the keyboard. And with the use of RGB backlights, the user will have complete control over the color of the keys.

Now, filing a patent does not mean that Apple will bring the tech in the market right away. So, I’ll recommend you to take this information with a grain of salt. We just have to wait for the day when Apple transitions from traditional keyboards to RGB backlit, glass keyboards for their upcoming MacBooks.

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