New Patent Shows “Advanced Headlight” for Apple Cars

Apple headlight patent feat.

Apple and patent filing seems to have a better love story than Twilight. We have been hearing about the Apple car a.k.a. “Project Titan” since 2014. The company recently made a public announcement about a new patent that would allow an autonomous car to take voice commands. But, that’s not all.

A recent patent shows that the tech giant is working on some advanced headlight for their car. The patent is titled “System and method for light and image projection”. It was filed way back in 2018, and it has been recently granted.

System And Method For Light And Image Projection

Now, what can be special about a headlight of a car? Well, this patent explains that the “advanced headlight” can illuminate certain objects and obstacles on the road for the driver to see them more clearly. The technology will be using dedicated sensors along with a light controller to analyse the road ahead. If there is an object ahead down the road, it will detect and classify the object using a computer and taking information from a database of known object profiles. Then it would predict the exact location of the classified object within the field of view of the vehicle. After this, with the help of the light controller, it would project an illuminated indicator right on that object for the driver to notice it.

Well, after all these years of anticipation, it is safe to say that Apple would not be shipping a car anytime soon. However, these patent filings and securing car experts from other automobile companies surely suggests that the Cupertino-based tech giant is up to something. We can just wait and wait, and then wait a bit more to know what Apple is actually planning to do with all the patents relating to car tech.

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