Fortnite’s New Getaway Mode Unveiled; Brings Exclusive Skin

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At its PAX West live stream, Fortnite showed off a new, upcoming mode in the popular battle royale game. Called ‘Getaway Mode,’ the limited time mode in Fortnite will bring a fresh new take on the game.

In Getaway Mode, there will be a total of four safes on the map. Players will be required to get the safes, take the jewel from inside them, and extract the jewel to getaway vans. Once all the four jewels have been extracted, the game will end.

Getaway Mode will be a part of the High Stakes event taking place in Fortnite, and players will stand a chance to unlock some exclusive cosmetic items including the new Wildcard skin, along with some free items that every player will receive for participating in the event.

The Wildcard skin is a customisable skin, much like the Visitor skin, so players will be able to customise their look in the game. Other than that, the event will also include challenges that players can complete in order to unlock more rewards in the game.

Apart from the upcoming High Stakes event, Fortnite will be receiving the v5.40 patch this week which is going to bring some changes to the game, including things like storm damage to player built structures, a new Grappler item, and more.

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