Final Fantasy XV on PC Will Support Xbox One Crossplay But There’s A Catch

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Featured

After making waves in the console ecosystem, best-selling game Final Fantasy XV is finally coming to your PCs. The Windows Edition of the game title, which is scheduled for a March 6 launch, went up for pre-order earlier last week.

If you’re interested in getting the Final Fantasy XV in the pre-order stage, then you have 3 different options available for purchase. You can shell out $49.99 and pick the gaming title either from Steam, Origin, or the Microsoft Store. Each of these come bundled with a pre-order bonus, which depends on which platform you use to order the game.

But, some keen-eyed users have discovered that you can get one nifty functionality with the pre-order if you decide to go with the final alternative. Yeah, the Final Fantasy pre-order from the Microsoft Store will get you the ‘Xbox Live cross-platform co-op’ feature as well.

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While Final Fantasy XV is inherently a single-player only game, Square Enix had released Comrades DLC to introduce an online multiplayer co-op experience to the game. It was released on all consoles last year but it seems that the game purchased from Microsoft will bundle the said DLC with the pre-order.

Now, there’s a pro and con that you should keep in mind before making your decision. The benefit, obviously, being that you’ll be able to play this critically acclaimed game with all your friends, whether they’re playing on a Window PC or Xbox One through Xbox Live.

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But, the downside of buying Final Fantasy XV from Microsoft Store may just sour this deal for you right away. It is highly possible that the game downloaded from the same is going to be based on UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and snatch away the ability to use mods with the same. Is that a dealbreaker for you or not?

If you don’t prefer this, you can opt to pre-order the game from Steam and preserve the ability to use mods using Steam workshop for mods. But, the multiplayer functionality is not going to come bundled with the same. So, the ultimate decision-making power lies in your hands? Which is it going to be? Steam or Microsoft? Do let us your choice and reason for it in the comments below.

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