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Facebook Will Add a Donation Button Option for Instagram Nonprofits

facebook donate

Social media giant Facebook has reportedly started rolling out three new features to make it easier for creators to raise funds across the company-owned platforms. The new features are a donation button on Instagram, a fundraising sticker on Facebook, and the wider rollout of fundraising feature on Facebook game live streams.

With this change, nonprofit businesses will gain an option to add a donation button on their Instagram profile beside the contact number listing. The second addition is the adoption of the fundraising sticker. Instagram had a donation sticker feature that allowed creators to accept donations for 24 hours. The feature is now available on Facebook Stories as well.

Finally, Facebook will allow more game streamers part of its Level Up program to start accepting donations to support a cause. Game streamers will be allowed to select their cause, set donation goals, enable a donation progress bar and share donation alerts to their viewers.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook’s charity live-streaming tools have been available for a small group of game creators in the US for about a year now. “We’ve been blown away by the response; 25 gaming creators have raised more than $180,000 for charity in the last year. If that’s what 25 Facebook Gaming creators can do, we can’t wait to see the impact from more Facebook Gaming creators.”, said Brittni Liyanage, a product manager at Facebook Gaming in a blog post.

Facebook’s efforts to promote fundraising across its platforms is indeed a welcome move from the tech giant, considering the audience it has with both the platforms combined. Facebook and Instagram are already a major part of social media engagement across the globe.

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