Facebook Just Leaked Its Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

oculus quest 2 vr leaked

Facebook has apparently leaked its upcoming standalone VR headset — the Oculus Quest 2 in a series of videos. The company is calling it “Oculus’ most advanced all-in-one VR system yet” and judging by the upgrades it’s getting, that sounds about right.

For starters, the headset is improving on the ergonomics and comfort with a soft touch fabric, smaller size, and less weight. All of which means it should, in theory, be more comfortable than the first generation Oculus Quest.

Moreover, there are improvements under the hood as well. Facebook is using Qualcomm’s dedicated VR chipset, the Qualcomm XR2 as compared to the Snapdragon 835 on the Oculus Quest. There’s also more RAM, 6GB of it, and more storage in the headset for your apps and games. What’s more, the Quest 2 will have 2K resolution per-eye, which is the highest Oculus has ever gone. The videos on Facebook’s website don’t reveal the refresh rate, but it’s rumoured to be 90Hz on the Quest 2.

The company has also revamped the controllers. They are now more ergonomic. Plus, the headset supports hand tracking. So, for some games, you will be able to completely ditch the controllers. Apart from all that, the Quest 2 will also come with support for Oculus Rift PC titles out of the box.

Even though those are a lot of details about the upcoming Quest 2 VR headset, Facebook is yet to announce the price. Hopefully it will be more affordable than the original Quest’s $399 price tag, but we will have to wait for an official announcement to get those details.

VIA Aiman Farooq (Twitter)
SOURCE Facebook Blueprint
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