ETaker M2000 Power Station: World’s First GaN Solar Generator

If you are looking for the ultimate powerhouse in a slim form factor, you must check out the ETaker M2000 Power Station, which is grabbing headlines for bringing the latest GaN technology to power stations. It’s small, lightweight, houses a large battery capacity, and outputs high voltage for a wide range of needs. Be it for home backup, camping, or emergency use, the ETaker M2000 is an all-in-one power station that can fulfill any of your requirements.

Built on the Latest GaN Technology

What makes the ETaker M2000 distinct from other power stations is that it’s the first power station to use the third generation of GaN (Gallium Nitride) tech. If you are wondering what exactly is GaN, well, it’s a new kind of semiconductor material that dissipates less heat, is energy efficient, and is much smaller in size.

In comparison to traditional battery technology, GaN can handle high power and voltage with 50% less heat dissipation. Moreover, the power station can invert DC to AC with 96% efficiency.

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In case you are unaware, many power banks and charging adapters are already taking advantage of the GaN technology and it’s finally coming to power stations, thanks to ETaker. Due to the GaN tech in the ETaker M2000 power station, the overall volume is reduced by 30% despite packing a large battery capacity of 2008Wh.

As you know it, power stations should be highly portable for mobility, and reduced footprint makes the ETaker M2000 a preferred choice for users.

High-Density Semi-Solid Li-ion Battery

Traditional power stations and solar generators use LiFePO4 batteries, but the ETaker M2000 has been packed with a cutting-edge semi-solid Li-ion battery. Also known as lithium-ion flow batteries, it offers key advantages over LiFePO4 batteries, including higher energy density, fast charging/ discharging, long cycle life, thermal stability, and more.

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As a result, the 2,008Wh battery pack inside the ETaker M2000 has a 30% to 50% higher energy density. It can store more long-lasting energy in the same volume or weight.

For example, competitors like Jackery and EcoFlow with similar battery packs weigh around 19.5kg and 21.77kg. However, even with a larger 2008Wh battery pack, the ETaker M2000 weighs just 17kg with a dimension of 25.8 x 21.6 x 35.5 cm.

Apart from that, what is unique to ETaker is that you can connect two power stations to expand the battery capacity whereas other competitors promote you to get standalone battery packs to expand the capacity, which can’t be used independently.

Finally, semi-solid Li-ion batteries go through stringent safety tests to ensure they work even in harsh environments without any hassle.

Multi-connectivity and High Power Output

The ETaker M2000 power station not only expands the battery capacity but also increases the AC output to 20KWh. You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously for concurrent charging and increase the AC output to 16 KW. Basically, for broader compatibility with a wide range of devices and appliances in the US, the 240V/ 120V requirements are met with the ETaker M2000 power station.

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So whether it’s for home energy storage, emergency support, or outdoor activities like camping or RV trips, the simultaneous-usage function makes it wholly convenient for people. Besides that, the ETaker M2000 power station supports a multitude of charging methods, including AC charging, solar charging, wind charging, car charging, and even EV charging.

Overall, on the performance front, there is simply no compromise with the ETaker M2000 power station.

Portable and Lightweight

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Thanks to GaN technology and a semi-solid Li-ion battery, the ETaker M2000’s footprint is reduced significantly. A single unit of ETaker M2000 weighs only 17kg and it’s 60% smaller in size than other competing power generators. And best of all, it’s 30% lighter which is an icing on the cake. It makes the power station highly portable and lightweight and can be easily transported for outdoor activities to even remote locations.

Remarkably Quiet

In combination with cutting-edge technologies like GaN, a high-density semi-solid Li-ion battery, powerful performance, and a lightweight profile, the ETaker M2000 is also noise-free. It generates absolutely no noise (0dB) when operating under 1,000W. Even when operating at full capacity, the power station produces 60% less noise than competing products. That’s quite an achievement, right?

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All this is possible due to active and passive heat dissipations implemented on the ETaker M2000. It comes with a fan and alloy shell cooling for keeping the power station absolutely noise-free. And since it houses GaN material for conducting electricity, the heat dissipation is already quite low so maintaining a noise-free environment becomes easier for the power station.

Strong Build; Adaptive to All Environments

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The ETaker M2000 is well-built and quite durable. Its body is made of six-series grade alloy material which can withstand even hard falls, collisions, and impacts. It doesn’t use a plastic shell which ensures the overall structural rigidity of the power station. Even on beaches or deserts with dust and moisture, nothing can affect its inner workings.

Plus, the semi-solid battery pack comes with 90% liquid electrolytes that can sustain punctures and compression as well. On top of that, ETaker M2000 is designed in a way that can handle extremely harsh environments. It’s IP63-rated for water and dust protection and can withstand extremely cold conditions.

Even when you face a storm snow or abnormally cold temperature, the power station can function properly with normal charge and discharge. To give you a number, it can operate at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C).

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As to why the ETaker M2000 is suitable for use even in extreme conditions, well, it features battery-preheating technology that preheats the internal circuits to reach a normal temperature for better functioning. Furthermore, when the power station detects a temperature below 5℃, the aluminum-based heating element is activated to preheat the battery. The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continues to heat the battery cells until it exceeds 8℃.

All in all, the ETaker M2000 packs all the necessary safeguards for the normal functioning of the power station in all environments.

Your Best Friend in Emergency

During emergencies or power cuts, the ETaker M2000 can be of great help. It has many connectivity options and you can use it to power a CPAP machine for medical emergencies or charge your camera or smartphone. It has a number of USB and DC ports and supports fast charging protocols such as QC and PD charging standards.

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The switchover time of the power station is low, and it can deliver an uninterrupted power supply within 20ms, which is amazing. Furthermore, it can start gas-fueled automobiles, charge electric vehicles, and provide emergency lighting as well.

To sum up, the ETaker M2000 is a suitable power station that can be used at home or in emergency circumstances. It’s small, lightweight, feature-packed, and has a massive battery capacity with great power output.

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